Ten On Tuesday

This week’s T.O.T. assignment is to list the top ten things you like to put in a salad. 

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 I love eating salads, but not making them.  I especially love eating salads with lots of fun stuff in them.  My favorite things in salads, besides the basic lettuce, tomato, spinach and  other vegetables are:

1. Bacon crumbles

2. Cheddar cheese

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3. Turkey

4. Nuts (mostly almonds)

5. Avocado

 6. Mandarin oranges,  berries or craisins

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7. Ham

8. Marinated artichoke hearts

9. Feta cheese crumbles

10. Olives

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Usually these ingredients aren’t all used at the same time.  Taco salad, Greek salad, Caesar salad and other specialty salads are good too.  I think we may have salad for dinner tonight, but only if the girls are willing to help.  Yesterday we went ice skating and today my body is reminding me that hard ice and soft bodies don’t mix well. Cheers!



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4 responses to “Ten On Tuesday

  1. Yummy list! I forgot marinated artichokes hearts on my list. They definitely taste great on salad!

  2. Avocado! I should have had that on my list!

  3. Roxie

    Have you ever tried nasturtiums? They taste kind of like radishes, and they look sooo pretty! Violets, and rose petals are also edible, but don’t bring a lot of flavor to the party. Wonder if you could make a salad of zucchini blossoms? Nip those prolific monsters in the bud!

  4. We’re having salad for dinner tonight, too!

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