WTF Wednesday and Wondering

 I wonder what happened to May.

WTF Color:  I finished a pair of socks.  The colors were horrible so I over-dyed them with purple.  The colors are still not palatable.  I’m considering dyeing them black. I wonder if one more trip through a dye bath would cause the acid in the dyes to eat holes in the yarn. 

Normally when I dislike something that I’ve knitted,  I simply frog it.  But what’s the point in doing that when I don’t want to use the yarn for something else. 

WTF Scent Choices:  Do you ever wonder just what in the world manufacturers are thinking when they decide on adding fragrances to shampoos, detergents, air fresheners, perfumes, etc.?  Flowers, fruit and even bacon have been chosen to entice our ole factory glands.  I totally get why someone would want to smell like flowers.  I understand why the smell of cinnamon and apples would make a house inviting.  Heck, to some degree I can even rationalize the bacon perfume (although I wouldn’t want to wear it while camping around hungry bears).  What baffles me is this new scent of dishwashing detergent.  It was snatched up during a hasty grocery store visit, with no attention to the fine print what so ever. 

 In case you can’t read the oh-so-blurry photograph it says, “New Zealand Springs” scent.  Just what do New Zealand Springs smell like? Well, there is a slight kiwi aroma.   If there was a Canadian scent would it smell like maple syrup?  Would the USA’s aroma be burgers and fries?  Kind of makes you wonder.

WTF Politicians: I always thought that Portland’s mayor was a little bit odd, and by “odd” I don’t mean gay*… I mean, not living on the same plane of reality as most folks. 


His recent statements confirm that he is indeed, completely out there.  Mr. Adams spoke out to say that he believes city of Portland employees should not have to pay for sexual reassignment surgery (sex change operations) and that the expenses should be covered as part of their medical insurance.  I couldn’t give a rat’s arse if someone wants to change from an innie to an outie, or vice versa, but nobody is going to die if this doesn’t happen.  Many Portland tax payers struggle with basic medical costs and can’t even afford prescriptions, and yet he’s asking them to supplement what amounts to cosmetic surgery for a select few.  Adding this option would cost an additional $32,000 each year.  He argues that San Fransisco already does it.  Fine, but San Fransisco has a much larger tax base to draw from. I wonder if he has a publicist and if so, if said publicist wonders how he can kill the mic everytime Mr. Adams is about to speak publicly.

WTF Cats wearing clothes, is over.  Here are the dog sweaters again, but now with, get this,  real dogs in them!  Gunnar is in the blue and Lola is in the pink.  They are pretty cute little critters.


 I wonder if the kitties have forgiven me enough to try on some baby hats or mittens.

*in the past, anybody who has spoken out against or criticized Mayor Adams has been dismissed as just being anti-homosexual and the reasons for their critiques have been completely ignored.



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2 responses to “WTF Wednesday and Wondering

  1. Roxie

    Gunnar and Lola are adorable, and really styling in those sweaters. Lucky doggies. I can’t see any cat, even Steven, holding still to model baby hats. And mittens? Not really. Though, if you do decide to put mittens on Roxie, I want you to film it. Get your tetnus shots first, though.

  2. Those socks are neat. Why not put them in the Christmas gift pile? Just because you aren’t fond of them doesn’t make them unacceptable. Besides, they’re nice socks! The Portland mayor sounds like so many other politicians these days, out of touch and stupid as hell. And, the puppy sweaters? Adorable.

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