Where Mild Disappointments Abound

We are all healthy.  We have a home (albeit often messy).  We have food and my husband and I both have jobs. Therefore, I have no major complaints about life, but rather a few failed endeavors to bemoan.

First up, the silk hankies that I purchased back in February are frustrating me to no end.  They do not separate, have lots of hard clumps that do not draft and the yarn is turning out quite uneven.  I’m not sure if plying it will with size consistency. 


I’m about halfway through with the spinning, so I might as well finish. 

The next failed endeavor is my wee little garden.  My DH scraped every last bit of good dirt from our old garden. By “good dirt” I mean the imported mix of compost, peat moss, sandy loam, etc. brought in to grow vegetables in last year.  The salvageable dirt filled about 3/4 of one of the four new raised garden beds.  While he was shoveling I searched for more survivors of the weed whacking massacre, which claimed the lives of my blueberries and garlic.  But alas, only a few haggard garlic bulbs were recovered.  I planted the one blueberry stick (it’s not a bush any more) found last week amongst the tomato plants.  I’ll cheer him on to health and next year some more bushes will be added to this box.

We enjoyed wonderfully warm weather (I love alliteration) this weekend.  A2 and I had a morning out together on Saturday. We ate a lovely pancake breakfast at a fundraiser then checked out garage sales. For the most part they were duds.  Lots of people asking top dollar for junk that they obviously wanted to keep.  In our area the new, more expensive homes occupied by younger tenants seem to be the worst offenders.  At several such places, unnaturally tan, very fit and manicured ladies tried to convince me that because their offerings sported designer labels that I shouldn’t pass up the bargains.  Sorry ladies, but $2.00 each for dish towels and $20.00 for a pair of old shoes at a garage sale were not enticing.  But the day wasn’t a total loss.  At an old farm I scored some freshly laid eggs and this adorable little tea set.

It’s hand painted, not transfer ware and marked Nippon, which means it was probably made between the 1890s and 1920.  It’s probably not valuable, but it’s old and sure to add charm to our afternoon tea parties.  I didn’t balk at the asking price of $5.00 either.

That same afternoon I scorched the bejeezus out of my little bush peas.  Against all that my mother taught me about gardening, I watered them in the hot sun.  Hopefully the poor little things will recover.

Last night I dreamed of withered pea plants.

It was also a weekend of firsts at our house.  My youngest daughter went to a birthday party without me or my DH going too.  She has a hard time staying calm in loud environments (Aspberger’s issue), so we usually drive her so we can leave if she gets upset.  According to the hosting mom all went well.  My middle daughter took a solo walk up to the neighboring University with a guest and my cell phone.  She’s twelve and we live in a fairly quiet neighborhood, but I worry about my girls.  She returned well within the 1 hour time limit without incident.  Also, my eldest washed both cars this weekend. 

AAnyway, that’s just about everything, except that I’ve decided to frog the vest that I made.  It didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped.  I’ve already started something new with the yarn that was left over, but soon the ripping will have to commence.  Here’s the new piece.

Happy Monday everyone!




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5 responses to “Where Mild Disappointments Abound

  1. Roxie

    White waves? Wonder what you’re knitting?

    Best of luck with those raised beds. Spring is starting so late this year. I think you are quite the hero for going ahead with a garden.

    And hooray for A2 and A1 for their adventures in maturity!

  2. Roxie

    By the way – I know someone who would pay for your handspun silk. Just sayin’.

  3. I can’t help you with the garden, but the silk, I have a thought. If you did it as a 3-ply, for sure it would even out nicely. Even if you sis it as a 2-ply by itself, it won’t be that bad. Once it’s plied and set, it should even out. You could also use it as a single with another yarn to get an unusual textured effect.

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