T.O.T. Insomnia

More specifically, this Ten On Tuesday  is ways to beat insomnia.  Most every adult female, and a few males,  I know suffers from this issue to varying degrees.  Usually the issue isn’t lack of physical fatigue, but rather a busy brain.  My own personal favorite type of insomnia is the kind that occurs the night before something important, like a job interview.  Trying to corral stray thoughts and worries into a dark little brain corner and then struggling to keep them penned up until morning often requires outside help.  These are some aides that I’ve used:

1. Melatonen.  It’s relatively harmless and can be purchased just about anywhere.  I usually wake up with a mild headache the next morning though.

2. Warm milk with honey and cinnamon.  No hangover-esque feeling, but it isn’t as effective and if you drink too much then you’re up every ten minutes using the loo.

3. P.M. Painkillers.  I try not to use these if possible because they are hard on your liver and stomach.  Also, if taken too late then the first part of the next day is spent in a groggy daze.

4. Hot or warm bath.  These are a nightly must at our house.  The warm water loosens up muscle tension and it’s one of the few times that I’m forced to be still.  I’ve tried knitting, talking on the phone and reading in the bathtub, but failure to hang onto these distractions properly can lead to mild disasters.

5. Rituals.   Following my evening bath I need to check on each and every family member.  If I don’t know exactly where someone is I cannot sleep.  Ever.  This is the main reason so many sleepovers take place at our house.  Once people are accounted for the kitties are all rounded up.  Door and window checks come next on the bedtime chore list.  The final ritual is getting a fresh glass of water for my nightstand.  Rituals can either be comforting or neurotic, depending on how you look at it.  Either way, they help to fall asleep.

6. Reading.  I must have something to read, every night, without exception.  This is especially important for those sleepless nights.  Escaping into someone else’s world and thinking about their problems helps minimize one’s own issues and welcomes sleep.

7.  Not eating a big meal.  Falling asleep with a bloated stomach is nigh on impossible.

8. Listening to my DH’s work or World of Warcraft stories.  Just kidding, but he’s forever accusing me of not listening to him.

The last few on my list are things to NEVER do when suffering from insomnia.

9. Drive.  Seriously, there is no way to doze off faster or be more of a hazard to others than to drive around the block at 3:00 am.  Also, there are statistically more drunk people out on the road that time of night and playing Pole Position with someone who closed out the local bar isn’t recommended.

10. Facebook.  Going on Facebook to see who else is awake is a sure-fire way to kiss the rest of the night goodbye.  There will be someone up and chances are he/she will IM and then you’re trapped in a conversation.  If you’re not cornered into chatting with other night zombies you run the risk of getting sucked into games or wandering through the maze of friend’s friends or someone’s photo albums. 

In the words of Forrest Gump, “That’s all I’ve to say about that!” Cheers all!



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7 responses to “T.O.T. Insomnia

  1. Roxie

    Oh yeah – that busy brain. Like a hamster on a wheel with just as much result. I have developed a list of things I would rather think about. I am building my perfect home in my head. It changes all the time. That’s what makes it perfect. Or I go to my yellow chair. It’s always a surprise to see what kind of a chair it is and where it’s located. Once it was a hammock strung between two palms on a warm, star-filled tropical night. Once it was an overstuffed wing chair in front of a fireplace, with a pot of tea and some books on the side table, and a big fluffy quilt to curl up under. I settle down, savor the surroundings, and sleep overtakes me.

    Routiens are essential, though. I gotta get my feet warm, or nothing works.

  2. I have a monkey brain. It takes me at least 45 minutes to nod off every single night. We all have rituals and I find melatonin a huge help at times. Happy Tuesday!!!

  3. Rituals really really work for me too.
    I have to do certain things to get in my sleep mindset. I usually can sleep great though and I have to push myself not to just jump into bed and leave allt he lights etc on. I love my bed. I tloves me too

  4. Karen O

    My DH would say, and I think your DH would agree, that he has a cure for that. Unfortunately, like many things, I tend to wake up rather than get sleepy.

    • Karen O

      Sorry, I meant to say “like many differences between men and women…”

      • Yup, and they go right back to sawing logs. I didn’t mention that my DH’s snoring is another reason I’m unable to sleep. It doesn’t really count as insomnia. It’s technically more of a sleep distraction.

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