WTF Wednesday: Featuring My Own Children

This episode of WTF contains obscure references (which were later clarified using lots of parenthetical phrases).

During the past 12 hours my girls have tag-teamed to push me one step nearer to the edge of the Cliffs of Insanity (a large set of cliffs found in The Princess Bride).  Last night I went to retrieve A3 from the neighbors only to find her hands looking like this…

It looks like she went hog-wild in a middle-eastern voting booth (obscure reference to voters having thumbs dyed purple so they wouldn’t be able to vote more than once).  The purple dye didn’t come from ink or paint.  She squeezed my irises to get  this particular shade of violet.  Most of the purple came off, but her fingernails look quite grungy and my irises are nothing more than mashed blobs at the top of the stalks.

A2’s contribution to my craziness came in the form of non-communication.  She has another big school project that is due today that she pulled out half-finished last night (usually she’s very good about getting her work done early).  I am so burned out on school projects and reports that I could just scream!  Anyway, while she was working away in another room I tried to find another information source for her.  One was found, so I called out and asked her to bring me some scratch paper to write the URL down for her to check out later (I might assist them, but I actually won’t do my kids’ work).  The “scratch” paper she brought me came from her backpack.  It was an important note to 6th grade parents reminding us that we need to have our children at the middle school on Thursday night (that also happens to be the night of A1’s last choir concert).  The note also mentioned an end of the year party which also required parental input and money. 

This morning A1 showed me some new pictures on her Facebook page.  We were in the middle of perusing snapshots when we realized the time was late, so she darted out the door to catch the bus.  Seconds after she left, an I.M. box popped up.  There was some older (meaning he was probably in his early 20’s) man from a foreign country who wanted to “chat” with my daughter.  I told him who I was and asked who in the hell he was (because he definitely does not go to high school with her).  After several exchanges (with quite evasive answers on his part) I proceeded to block him.  A1 doesn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings by not accepting them as friends.  I preach at them constantly to always be kind, but I didn’t mean to complete strangers!  This afternoon I will be sifting through her contacts.  One of the conditions of her having a FB account was that her dad and I both have her password and access to her account at any time. Last year the same thing happened with a different person from an entirely different country.  We will have another safety talk this evening.

Only 8 more school days left.  At that point we trade one set of craziness for another… but the weather will be nicer.  Happy Wednesday everyone!



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4 responses to “WTF Wednesday: Featuring My Own Children

  1. Gotta love ’em! Or… do we? LOL

  2. Karen O

    God makes them adorable so that we don’t kill them during the trying times. Good luck, lots of hugs, and we’ll get together SOON for a girl-date. Dinner, drinks, a movie, a shopping trip, or all of the above.

  3. Agreeing wholeheartedly with Karen O!

  4. Oh geezz! The picture of your daughter’s hands reminds me when my kids were small. My unmarried girlfriend would always buy them things like finger painting sets! Your picture gave me a good laugh! Wishing you a great day!

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