One year ago today we found Steven.  He was skinny, scratched up and something had nommed off the top of his right ear.  He was also alone because somebody had dumped him behind a local shopping center.  The enormous set of manly bits growing beneath his tail might have been partially to blame.  Kittens tend to lose their charm once puberty strikes.  This is what he looked like then.

This is Steven today!


His right ear still has, and always will have, a missing nibble.  He weighs about twice as much today and his fur has turned a deep, glossy reddish color.  His nuffies are now gone and he’s been a good kitty. We love having him in our family. He didn’t get a tuna cake or mouse pie to mark the occasion, just an extra pat on the noggin’.  

A dear friend came for a visit today.  We chatted for several hours and it was so nice to have some time where I got to be a grown up instead of just a mom!   

Only 5 full days and 2 hours of school left in this year.  On Wednesday (or there about) an unofficial announcement will be given regarding work assignments for next year.  I don’t really care which elementary school they send me too, but I want to bring A3 with me.  That means we may have to apply for a boundary exception.  Should that be the case we may need extra luck/ thoughts/prayers, etc., the schools are very crowded and boundary exceptions are hard to come by.

The silk is finished.  I opted for two-ply rather than Navajo plying.  There are no plans for this yarn.  Right now it’s just yarn and that’s enough.  It’s approximately 175 yards of worsted weight.

The bush peas are mostly toast.  Only one row managed to survive being water scorched.  The corn is thriving though.  It’s over a foot tall already and it’s nearing the netted covering.

The netting needs to stay in place to prevent the garden beds from being used as neighborhood litter boxes.   This was a losing battle when I just had a garden plot.  More dirt, compost and manure are needed for the fourth, and final, box.  I’ll plant some quick-growing veggies, like lettuce and radishes in there.  Or perhaps some late fall/winter plants like cabbages. 

My DH has been mostly absent because of National Guard training.   The poor fellow is seldom home lately.  Next week is his birthday, but instead of celebrating he’ll be driving me to Milwaukee for the dreaded lumbar puncture.  The man deserves a vacation… or at least cookies. Oatmeal raisin are his favorite.  I’ll go bake some.

p.s. Roxanna had an unfortunate moving accident and broke her wrist.  The poor dear can’t knit!  If you have any interesting, funny or amazing stories… or even a good joke, then pop on by her site and leave a comment.  I don’t even think she minds the raunchy jokes… just sayin’


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5 responses to “Cattiversary!

  1. Valerie

    Steve is one lucky kitty!

  2. Happy birthday to Steven.
    And nice job on the silk. Glad you went with the two ply.

  3. Karen O

    Great idea with the netting over the veggies! You’re one smart cookie!
    Give Steven an extra scritch behind the ears for me. Hugs, K

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    Adorable pics of Steve. He is a great kitty even if he annoys the jays! Your silk is lovely. And, hugs and prayers on your lumbar puncture and a happy early birthday to the big “B”!!!!

  5. Roxie

    I love the Buddahcat smile! Lucky Steven.

    You are coming to Milwaukie for your lumbar thingy? Next week? Crap- I’ll be in LA! I could have come and helped your DH hold your hand. But now that I’m unemployed, I can come and go as I choose, so I can come visit you in WA whenever you like. After school gets out. And I get my real cast. See you soon!! And thanks for the joke!

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