I’ve got lots of balls!  Some  are fuzzy, some are smooth.  I have pink, red, white, yellow, green and even blue balls. My fiber wardrobe has been slowly, but steadily filling with balls of yarn left over from various knitting projects.  Three bags, conservatively the size of pillow cases, perch ominously amid my stash.  The individual balls’ possibilities are limited due to lack-o-yardage, but I just can’t seem to throw out perfectly good yarn. It’s just not natural! There is one sack each of worsted weight wool,  various weights of cotton and one large collection of sock yarn. Any time I open the wardrobe door to retrieve a darning needle, knitting needle, stitch marker, or even more yarn, at least one of the swelling bags of balls tumbles over, spilling its stringy contents everywhere.  It’s just second nature now to open the door quickly, while standing at an angle so one hip can barricade against the ensuing avalanche.  It’s gotten so out of hand that even solid doors can’t hide my shame.  Everyone knows it’s there. The cats no longer sleep near the tenuous cupboard and my girls have taken to tossing in items quickly when they have something that they want to have “disappear”.   Chances are, whatever goes in won’t be seen again for a long, long time. 

Ever since Thursday of last week  infirmity confined me to a horizontal position because after the dreaded lumbar puncture a “Spinal Headache” set in.  The only relief from the headache was to lay flat.  Laying flat is boring.  Not only is it boring, but there isn’t a whole lot to do while horizontal (mind out of the gutters please, I heard about the possibilities constantly from my DH).  So, I decided to tackle the ball issue once and for all.  The first bag to fall out was full of cotton.  About 1/3 of the bag was slowly transformed into lots of scrappy dishrags.  Some were knitted, some were crocheted (not pictured) and a couple were even woven.

More dishrags are slated for future knitting, but making them feels like a chore after a while.  Because of this I decided to switch things up and get adventurous.  As a result, I knitted a pair of ankle socks out of cotton too.

Knitting horizontally though has a tendency to make your fore arms ache so it was often tossed aside and lots of time was spent gazing into the spiderweb filled skylight.  We really need a tall ladder. It wasn’t all bad though.  One great thing that helped break up the monotony was the arrival of this book.  It was a prize from Jessalu and the book is amazing.  I’ve knitted in the round for several decades, but even so, this book had wonderful tips, colorful pictures and it’s very well written. Thank you Jessalu, I’ve already marked a few patterns from it for future knitting!


The garden has fared tolerably, in spite of several days of neglect. 


Tonight was the official parent meeting for Cheerleading moms (there weren’t any dads present).  This year’s expenses come in at $1, 195 for the basics.  This means that there is no way on Earth to afford taking any classes at Sock Summit.  Heck, I don’t even know if there are still any openings.  However, I may still pop down to soak up the atmosphere.  If there is anyone from outside the area going to SS who needs a place to stay then our home is open.  We live about 35 minutes from downtown Portland.

So far the weather here has been mild.  It rarely gets scorching hot, but my girls act and dress like there’s a heat wave any time the temperature goes above 70.  Here is A3 (middle) with two of her friends (who also suffer from the delusion that the temperatures are warm enough to don swimwear).   She’s finally gained enough weight that she doesn’t look skeletal.

Now off to bed.  I spent six fun-filled hours in the e.r. today waiting to get a blood patch to stop those headaches and being there wore me out.  Being older than the doctors and anesthesiologist didn’t make the situation any more tolerable. Tomorrow’s plans include delving into the sock yarn bag and starting some fingerless gloves.   Someday I hope to be able to claim that I no longer have balls.



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6 responses to “Balls!

  1. I have had killer migraines run for days so I have a lot of sympathy for how you are feeling right now. Hope you got a good night’s sleep – sometimes sleep helps!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Oh, Sweetie! I’m so sorry. I sure as heck hope that you got the information you needed from the procedure. You knit socks laying on your back? WOW!!!! The garden is fine. In fact, it looks terrific. And, the girls? Yup. They’re little girls;-D

  3. Sorry to hear about your headache. Ouch! Hope all is better now and you’re back to being vertical! About the balls —- your should always have balls; it’s the only way to get through life! (metaphorically and literally speaking). LOL. Great post!

  4. Roxie

    Roxie sez
    Heide-ho, you will always have balls that clang together as you walk. You just gots ’em, girl. You are a step-up-to the-job person!

    Hooray for the knitting. Everyone can use warshrags. Hope your patch holds. Hugs and cuddles to you. If this ever happens again, audio books!

  5. Yay! You got it! So glad you like it – congrats again!

  6. I too think you have a pair of great big sparkley balls, you are an inspiration

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