Independence Day, Part II

We opted for a traditional Fourth of July menu of hamburgers, baked beans, corn on the cob, watermelon (which was utterly gross and foamy) and apple pie.  In all of the hub bub we forgot to make s’mores, so those will have to wait for another night.

The only one of us who had any rest before going to the fireworks show was A3.  The rest of us were walking zombies, while she bounced around like a squirrel on crack.  The show was wonderful, albeit a bit breezy. Apparently the neighbors had a pretty big celebration while we were away because our lawn, driveway, roof, etc. is liberally sprinkled with debris.   Tomorrow morning’s exercise will include lots of raking and knee bends.


Further testament to the loud party theory was finding Steven hiding in a bag, while Roxie paced nervously.  Bonny hid under a pile of blankets in A2’s room.

The girls are now all in bed and only a few die-hard explosive enthusiasts are still blowing up their paychecks.  All in all, we enjoyed the Fourth immensely. The only thing that would have made it more memorable would have been to have shared it with friends and more family.  Cheers!

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One response to “Independence Day, Part II

  1. Roxie

    That bag won’t give Steven much protection, but if it helps him feel better-well, it sure is cute! A3 like a squirrel on crack- LOL!

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