Crazy Summer Lovin’

I adore this time of year! My little garden is growing right along and the corn is now almost up to my waist when I stand in the garden bed. Yesterday I thinned my carrots and the brussels sprouts.  Thinning makes me feel guilty so I apologize to the baby plants that are being pulled to make room for the sake of the others. I’m sure the neighbors think I’m bat-shit crazy.

Besides baking bread this morning I made some donuts for the girls as well.  An empty pumpkin can with both ends removed worked great for the outside shape, but because we didn’t have a small round cylinder the holes were cut using a tiny heart cookie cutter. 

The cooked holes were dusted with powdered sugar. They just screamed out to be eaten and they were popped into gaping maws before the grease had even cooled.

 Homemade maple icing finished off most of the full-sized donuts.  We ate until everyone suffered from carbohydrate overloads.

I cleaned up quite a pile-o-crap from the front lawn this morning, but the side yards, roof and gutter are still a mess from the neighbor’s fireworks mess.  Maybe they were too afraid of my insane ramblings (talking to plants in garden) to venture over to pick up after themselves.

Unfortunately, working in the direct sun for too long tends to set off my M.S.  Which reminds me, the Lumbar Puncture results came back and there is irrefutable doubt now that I do have active Multiple Sclerosis.  This isn’t surprising; after all, that’s what the doctors have been saying for the past decade, but now the new neurologist is satisfied too.  I’m going to start taking Copaxone injections again, but she recommended taking them every other day instead of daily.  I’m not saying that money was a motivator, but doing that will save the insurance company $18,000 a year.  It’s not the full $36,000 they’d save if I was altogether off of them, but it is a significant difference.  I wonder about H.M.O.s sometimes.  Then again, maybe I’m just being paranoid. Do you think they’re reading this? Quick, I’d better change the subject.

Another thing I love about summer is that after the prerequisite laundry, dishes and assorted housework, I have some time to make stuff.  Besides transforming yarn scraps into something usable, I’ve delved into the fabric bins too.  Last week I wove a quick doggy bed for my parents’ dog, Sadie Mae, out of some wool.  The material was purchased from a garage sale last year, with the good intentions of sewing some skirts, etc. for my girls, but seeing how my sewing machine is pushing up daisies there isn’t much chance of that happening.  A3 laid down on it when I tried to take a picture.  She deemed it “Dog Nap Worthy.”

This is a close up showing the wool.  The weave is very loose so it’s squishy. Hopefully the attempt to make it “squishy” won’t make it too fragile to hold up to daily wear and tear.

A1 has an intermittent summer job taking care of 8 horses and some gardens this summer.  The owners need to be away for various reasons over the vacation.  This is a great first job for her, and considering that hiring options for teenagers are at an all-time low since the Great Depression, she’s lucky to have it.  Three of the horses have special needs requiring extra attention.  They’re very sweet critters. This guy has diabetes and he’s quite a character.

Well, I’m starting to ramble so it’s time to go.  The bread just called out to me and said that it’s done raising and ready to be baked! Cheers everyone!



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5 responses to “Crazy Summer Lovin’

  1. Erin Caudill

    I’m glad you have some answers. I’m also glad (and jealous) that you have time now to bake and sew. I love your stories too! I would love to see you soon!

  2. Grandma

    Those neighbors will probably being sneaking into your yard raiding your garden…

  3. Karen O

    Your house sounds delicious! I might have to come over…

  4. Roxie

    Home made doughnuts? OMG I nearly wet myself with excitement! This is like telling a meth addict about the great batch you whipped up last night. Fried dough is food of the Gods! I can feel my arteries hardening just thinking about it. Will you marry me? No – wait – there are reasons why that won’t work. But my love for hot fried dough overwhelms all rational thought. Hot fried dough with sugar on top. Oh, oh, yeeeeesssss!

    Thank Gosh you got verification for the

  5. Roxie

    Sorry ’bout that. I swooned. Glad about the diagnosis verification. If too much hot sun triggers your symptoms, then you need minions to hold shady parasols and fan you with cooling mist as you work. Your garden is a thing of beauty!

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