Just Plain Wednesday

Every morning A3 just howls and whines when it comes time to practice her penmanship and multiplication.  I found a website where you can type in anything you want and it automatically generates dotted script worksheets.  Today’s page annoyed her to no end.

To say that A2 loves her art classes is a gross understatement.  I can barely get her out of the studio when it’s time to go.


I smuggled my camera in (the teachers don’t care, but A2 does) and took a few pictures of her drawings before she ferreted the pad away and hid it in her cubby.

The girls picked up a few more goldfish and a snail.  They named everything in the bowl “Syd”.  It keeps things simple. Steven is convinced they’re here just for his enjoyment. 

He was showing a little bit too much interest so the bowl had to be covered.

“Hey ma, there’s something in the way of my sushi!”

My personal quest to use up left-over balls of yarn continues.  Here’s a worsted weight wool cap and a fingerless glove using sock yarn.

This weekend we’re finally getting the pool set up for the girls.  A3 is excited… can you tell?


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6 responses to “Just Plain Wednesday

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    A2 has a gift!! WOW! Love A3’s pic. She looks mildly enthused;-P And, the pic of Steve with the fish bowl is priceless!!!!!!

  2. Karen O

    Steve’s awesome! What a character!
    Love to the family–K

  3. Roxie

    Hooray for the pool!
    Did you know that goldfish grow bigger if you put them in a bigger bowl? We had a goldfish named “Snackie” for years. The cats never dipped a paw in the water, but they watched him for hours.

    • I’m waiting for a phone call or email from some folks down in Milwaukie that I bought a pool from on ebay. I need to go pick it up, but I need their address and a time to meet them. Anyway, it’s a 12′ by 20′ by 52″ tall pool. I bet if we dumped the fishies in that that in a few years we’d have some shark-sized friends for the girls to swim with. IF the darned people ever contact me then maybe we can deliver some jam for you to enjoy while you convalesce (sp?). Steven tried to get them through the screen last night. It was all dented into the bowl and the table was covered with water. He tried to act all innocent as he sat in the corner licking water off of his paw, but none of us were buying his act.

  4. Love the drawings, especially the otters.

  5. A2 is quite the artist – love the otters!

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