1,000 Little Things

Life is a mixed bag full of ups and downs.   Usually, they balance each other out and are minor in the overall scheme of things.  For example, the weather is drab, dreary and rainy, which means that the kids can’t play outside, which really sucks.  On the other hand, the lawn and garden don’t need to be watered.  Today I’d like to focus on some of the little, but good, things.

Good thing number one: Fresh vegetables from my garden.

Good thing number two: impromptu naps and quiet afternoons (for about an hour).

Good thing the third: Admiring the work of a truly talented artisan. 

I took a loom to a local woodworker for a repair before selling and a  lady was there with her bobbin lace because she was going to order custom-made bobbins. The cluster of brass pins holding the work in place was mind-boggling.

Goods thing the Fourth and Fifth: Still finding enough time to whip out an occasional, useful knitted item and beginning to harvest lavender.  There is enough lavender growing outside to make a huge bundle of drawer sachets.  I’ll pick it in the evening when the bumbles aren’t busy collecting nectar.


Finally, the best “Good thing” of all:  Having friends come to visit.  I didn’t take pictures of Carmen’s second, overnight visit. Nor did I take pictures of Marta and Dale while they were here, but over the past several days all three came by.   May 1,000 little good things (or more)come your way too!



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4 responses to “1,000 Little Things

  1. Roxie

    Life is mostly made up of those little things. May they come in flocks to delight you!
    The afternoon nap, with A at one end of blanket, and Steven at the other is so dear!

  2. That was quite peaceful. Thank you!

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    If they come my way (the 1,000 little things), I’ll just send them your way. You deserve them, dumplin’. Happy birthday again.

  4. Wishing you many, many more good things to come! What beautiful lace work that lady has done.

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