WTF Wednesday

WTF Rude Coupon User:  I applaud frugality and the creative ways that people come up with the save money in these tough economic times.  And I, myself have swooned when a great coupon comes along for something that we really need.  The trend of Extreme Couponing has soared in popularity. Kudos for those folks with time, patience and luck to find bargains on what they need.  Most coupons I see are for things that I would not buy in the first place though.  Anyway, several evenings back I stopped by a local grocery store for some milk and a few other essentials.  I usually try to avoid shopping between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm because the stores are crowded with people stopping off on their way home work.  This day was no exception and the lines at the registers stretched back to the grocery aisles.  I picked the shortest line and stood.  After about 5 minutes of going no-place I contemplated switching lanes, but my experience is that once that happens the one I was in will move.  Eventually, we did move forward, but that was because the man in front of me took his cart and went to another line.  This just left the lady currently checking out and me.  The woman had two shopping carts, one tired, whiny kid and a black nylon binder, bursting at the seams with bits of paper.  For each and every item scanned she would ask the cashier about the actual cost, show her coupon(s).  Any time that the cashier said “No” to her transaction request the shopper demanded a manager (that manager would have saved herself a lot of walking if she’d just camped there).   The customer also had put the little order bars down between items so they could be rang up as separate transactions and she could buy  more of certain items. When the shopper wasn’t arguing with the cashier and manager her mouth was loudly espousing the virtues of her money-saving tactics to the general populace.  After a full ten minutes (no exaggeration) of waiting in line I gave up trying to buy the milk and handed my entire cart over to an employee to put back.  As I handed over my cart I made a comment along the lines of, “I hope the money she saves is worth giving up her manners.”    Seriously, if someone puts this much effort into planning her grocery trip then maybe she should plan on going shopping when the store isn’t so busy. 

WTF Parents: In the past few years my parents have become quite adventurous.  They have a sleeper/van thingy that they pack up and hit the road in.  Sometimes we (meaning their children) won’t hear from them for a week at a time.  For all we know, they could be laying trapped in a gully somewhere with buzzards circling overhead as they slowly dehydrate.  Visions of them being kidnapped by a band of vagabonds bent on selling them into a geriatric pornography ring keep me up some nights (okay, so I only envision the actual kidnapping, not the other part).  This past week they gave us a vague itinerary and hit the road.  While gone they attended a family reunion back in Montana.

Dad, Mom, one of Mom’s Cousins

Then they met up with one of Dad’s cousins for another shindig.  Finally, they biked the Hiawatha Trail.  I don’t remember having this much fun on my teenaged outings back when they were the ones worrying.  I want a do-over!

WTF Aging:  Obviously a do-over of my teenaged years isn’t happening and my patience with rude strangers (see coupon story above) threatens to limit future adventures to less popular (crowded) activities.  On Monday I turned 44.  We all (except my eldest) went to see HP7 part II.  I think it was the best of the movies by far.  We enjoyed homemade carrot cake at home afterwards.

We were out of birthday candles, but there was a lone “3” in the decorating bin

The local woodworker did an amazing job repairing the loom.  He kept apologizing for using cherry instead of maple for the replacement gear, and I kept telling him that it didn’t matter. He was fast, inexpensive and precise with his craft.  In fact, the loom looked so good that I couldn’t help myself and I warped it up for one last hoorah before she goes on Ravelry (no more Ebay, thank-you-very-much-they-suck).


Future aging plans may include a new side-job, thanks to my friend, Carmen.  She loaned me one of her professional whitening lights and set me up with a local supplier to start a teeth-whitening business.  I’m waiting for the hard copy of my WA State business license to arrive and I need to get my consent forms, etc. finished and then I’ll start spreading the word.  I’m nervous and in great danger of chickening out of the endeavor.  Apparently I’m losing backbone, along with my filters.

Cheers and happy Wednesday everyone!



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4 responses to “WTF Wednesday

  1. Karen

    Your posts always make me laugh, think, or just want to come over for a visit. Hugs!

  2. Good luck with your new project!! I agree with you about the extreme couponers. Go when the business is not busy. The loom looks lovely and age sucks. The wisdom rocks, the rest is pretty meh.

  3. Roxie

    Put me in your appointment book! I’ve been planning to do something about my yellow fangs, and this is the perfect excuse for me to come visit. (like I need an excuse)
    The weaving looks great. Good on you!

    Some people get so involved with their latest projects that they forget we’re all in this together. At least she wasn’t trying to sell you Amway or Rastafarianism while you waited.

  4. Great stories! Always make me laugh! Brings back memories of my parents coming out to visit us; my sister would be a nervous wreck because they never called her to report their mileage progress. My father would say “now you know what we went through when you kids were on your trips!” Good luck with the loom sale.

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