Saturday Sounded Like “I”

Roxanna enjoyed the warm morning sky.


I finished a bag with a drawstring tie.

A3 learned to putt from some silly old guy.


Cheerleaders helped a teammate fly.

And the corn grew as high as an elephant’s eye!



disclaimers: Roxie is an inside kitty and I only brought her out into the sunshine briefly while I drank my coffee.  The bag is for a friend who is a diver (hence the sea life in the picture).  The “Silly Old Guy” helping A3 learn the finer points of putt-putt golf is her father.  A1 and her friends were very tired by the time this video was made.  Not all of the corn is the same height, but all of it seemed to grow today. 



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4 responses to “Saturday Sounded Like “I”

  1. Roxie

    What a splendid day! Those cheerleaders are such athletes!
    Roxanna now has a taste of fresh air. How you gonna keep her down in the house, after she’s seen life free? She will forever after expect outside to be warm and sunny and wonderful, and she will plot to get back out there.

  2. Karen O

    The girls look great! I would have loved to have flown like that, but I was not part of a cheer squad (not even sure if my school had one), and with my build, I would have probably been given the baser position. A very short baser. Hi to the fam!

    • I’ve never heard of a public school that has sports teams and no cheerleaders. You’re a little short to base, so you’d probably be one of the girls down front doing solo jumps, etc. I would have been in a mascot uniform!

  3. Walledgarden

    Lovely weekend! Hope you are having a better summer than us so far.
    Cheers Gillian

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