Eunuch Quest*

*Just want to clarify the title…  I’m not in search of a eunuch, I’ve set a summer goal for myself to use up as many miscellaneous yarn balls as possible from my stash.  Of course this clarification might not have been necessary had I used spell check in the first place.  


I’m still trying to get rid of odds and ends balls-o-yarn.  In addition to a mitered square afghan to use up worsted weight scraps, I’ve started a  Dicke Decke  throw.  There are no deadlines for either project.  Both entail knitting mindless rows of stocking net, which everybody knows can become quite tedious if not broken up with something more lively.  The Dicke Decke squares are knitted using two strands of sock yarn held together and gradually dropping one strand and trading it for a different color.  The transitions can be subtle or bold, depending on the yarn choice.   Chris inspired me to look up a pattern utilizing this technique with a shawl project  she recently started.

Several balls of handspun are now used up too. I detest when people refer to themselves in the third person, but to make the following alliteration I must succumb (choking down vomit in order to type this) “Heide hooked handspun into a hat.”  


While A2 modeled the Crocheted, Felted, Sloppy Bucket Hat, D.C., the neighbor’s kitty who spends most of his time at our house, stopped by for a visit.   The colors of the CFSBH show up better in this picture.

I have proof that just because I’m slowly losing my balls that I’ve not lost my nerve.  Yesterday I drove 6 cheerleaders down to Corvallis, Oregon for cheer camp.  We started out as part of a convoy, but traffic, paired with different driving habits soon parted the vehicles.  Throughout the trip we managed to keep at least one vehicle in our sights.  They brought Arwen, the Knitting Gnome along for the journey.  Here he is with the girls at D.Q.  (A1 is the third girl from the left).  I bet by the end of the week he’ll have some unbelievable stories to share!

Once back from the southerly excursion I had to weed and water the garden.  Waves of guilt torment me when I see the fourth box filled with the hard, nutrient deficient clay.  This box contains cabbages, garlic and raspberries that wouldn’t fit into the other three boxes.  As hard as these plants stuggle, it’s nearly impossible to thrive when your roots are wearing cement boots.

Only a meager handful of veggies was ready for harvest because we’ve been grazing continually while in the back yard.  The peas and raspberries are the chief outdoor snacking victims.  We had a huge zucchini fry the other night too.

My state business license arrived in the mail on Monday. Thank heavens it did because that night someone vandalized the security cluster box.  It looks like they used a wrench to pry open the individual mailbox locks.  The locks are all mangled and broken and the doors don’t close.  As if that isn’t bad enough the mail carrier put everyone’s mail in, business and usual, leaving it exposed with the doors ripped off the backs.  It would be impossible to not notice this, so I must assume that he/she didn’t care.  Notes should have been left instructing homeowners to pick up their mail at the post office (after showing id) until the cluster box can be repaired or replaced. The USPS owns said box, and my guess is that it won’t be fixed in the near future. 

Anyway, back to the business license arrival… I’m still wrestling with a PDF consent form. Today I’m picking up a few necessary items and then next Monday Roxie is going to be my trial customer. If all goes well then I’ll print up some flyers, etc. and be off and running. 

The rest of this week’s schedule is solidly booked, but scrap yarn balls reside in my purse, should a spare knitting moment arise.   Life is all about opportuknitty!



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6 responses to “Eunuch Quest*

  1. Ooo! I like that 2 strands together change out one rinse repeat technique! Similar but bolder than what I’m doing.

  2. PICAdrienne

    Wow, sounds like a call to your local Postmaster is in order. I am not sure your carrier is following procedure, considering the current state of mail theft and identity fraud in this country.

    I like the blanket squares with the gradual shifting. Are you going random with your changes, or are you paying attention to your yarn pairs?

  3. Roxie

    The two-ply square ia gorgeous! Good work! Heide’s handspun hat is charming, and Arwen the gnome is in for a bumpy ride!

    Euniche Quest?

  4. Karen O

    We had an issue with someone driving their car into one of the cluster mail units. It wasn’t ours, but it’s across the side street from us (we’re on the corner). It wasn’t pried open, but it was knocked off its base and laying about 20 yards from its original location, on its back. It happened in the middle of the night and surprisingly, no one woke up. It was replaced after a couple days, and I hope yours will be, too. It might be worth a quick call to the USPS to ask when that will be happening.

  5. knitwonpurltoo

    You are amazing, kiddle. You accomplish so much that is important. Chauffeuring the cheerleaders, your family and the garden. Next year is another year for the garden. Isn’t this the first season you’ve been able to harvest much? Love the hat!!!!

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