Finally Summer!

It feels like summer has arrived, but she took her own sweet time getting here.  The past few days have been stuffed full of summery activities. 

Thursday I made raspberry jam (three more batches worth of berries are in the freezer because I ran out of pectin mid-way) and picked lavender to dry for sachets.

While the jam bubbled away, A2, A3 and a friend played whale wars in the backyard.  They are so tan from spending time outside that they don’t even look like my children any more.

Business tangent… Even though I’m going to offer mobile teeth whitening in other people’s homes or in businesses, I set up the chair and other equipment in our family room for now.   The marketing materials (brochures, business cards, window clings, etc.) should arrive soon and then I’ll start officially spreading the word.  The light reminds me of the alien ships from War of the Worlds!

On Friday morning I drove down to Corvallis, OR to pick up the girls from Cheer Camp.   Their team did an amazing job and brought home lots of awards, but the best recognition of all was that they were voted as having the most spirit and being the friendliest by the other teams there.  They truly are a group of remarkable, nice young ladies.

Arwen (he’s standing directly in front of the flamingo in the above picture) enjoyed himself a little too much while at camp.

A little Krazy Glue, putty and paint fixed him up properly, but he’s sworn off cheerleaders and vows to stick with the knitting crowd from now on.

Speaking of the knitting crowd, I didn’t go to Sock Summit.  A text from the Eastern Washington Gang tempted me mightily to drive down on Saturday, but  A2 had an eye exam (she’s going to try contacts again) and I can’t justify buying more yarn that I don’t have time to use.  I called Kelly Sunday morning to see about meeting up with them for breakfast, but they didn’t spend the night in Portland.  Speaking of yarn, I finished another square for the Dicke Decke afghan. Twenty squares are needed altogether, so it’s a long, long way  until this is done.

 The garden is  thriving in the summer heat!  The lemon cucumbers look suspiciously like acorn squash.  Acorn squash are good though, so we don’t mind.

Tonight’s dinner theme is green!  My DH loves fried green tomatoes and it’s important that he gets his annual “fix”.   The broccoli in our garden is not quite ready to be picked, so we bought some for the verdant meal.

These are the kind of summer days that we just can’t have too many of and they’re never long enough.  Unfortunately, they’re numbered.  We’ve started back-to-school shopping.  This next week includes a drive out to the beach to visit my family.  Hopefully we’ll have good weather for the trip.  My mom’s planning on cooking lots of seafood and a childhood friend recently moved back to the area so I’ll get to see her, my parents and Grandpa Porgy!  The only bad thing about the trip is that my DH won’t be able to go.  Time to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. Cheers!



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3 responses to “Finally Summer!

  1. Grandma

    Looking forward to having you all here. I wish Bruian could make it…maybe next time. I started cooking yesterday…MOM

  2. Roxie

    Oh, you DO know how to enjoy a sunny day!

  3. Karen O

    Looks like so much fun in the sun! We’re finally climbing toward summer temps (the news the other day said that Seattle has experienced a grand total of 78 minutes of above 80 temperatures–Bellingham, 0.) Congrats to the girls at cheer camp! Attitude is everything, right? HUGS!

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