Yesterday we did very little work, only minimal amounts of cooking and the required laundry, no yard work or errands, other than A2’s art lessons… just a laid back kind of day.  A1 and a guest watched movies while A2 and A3 made these adorable corner bookmarks.

A2 even managed to make paper look like fabric by glueing thread to look like seams on two of them.   They’re a clever lot!  A tutorial for the basic pattern can be found here.  They had so much fun using these as finger puppets that they may never actually be used as book markers.

I received a surprise birthday package from my dear friend, Cindy.   Inside was a lovely bunch of roving, a card, cookies and a handmade project bag.  As the girls clamoured around to see what came in the box I did a double-take on the bag, threw the bag of cookies aside to distract A3’s attention and quickly turned the bag inside out.  The empty cookie bag was later retrieved and the bag righted for a quick picture.  Cindy had gone shopping at Dave’s Cabin Cove Shop before he closed it down.  He hand dyed the roving and the bag is impeccably sewn.  I love it, but doubt I’ll be carrying lunch to work in it.  Thank you Cindy! Miss you Dave!

Today A2 has a make-up art class because we were out of town last week.  Other plans for the day include power cooking/baking to re-stock the freezer and starting a clothing purge.  The girls’ dressers have lots of clothes that are either too small or destroyed to the point of no-longer being socially acceptable to wear in public.  A3 doesn’t like to part with anything so I’ll need a diversion in order to keep her occupied.  Maybe I’ll set her up with some fabric, a needle and thread and let her make some pillows or something.  A1 got her official Sophomore year class schedule, so it seems that summer vacation really is coming to an end.  We all feel cheated because the weather feels more like a mild spring than a real summer. Can we have a do-over?



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3 responses to “Mid-Week

  1. Squee!! I recognize the fabric on that bag! I am howling with laughter imaging how quickly you got that bag inside out before the kids could see it. Bless Dave’s heart! I miss his blog something awful, but everyone once in a while I see something like this that just makes me laugh and shake my head.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    I guess I should have given you a heads up. You got no chocolate because it was too bloody hot to ship it. The roving is every bit as gorgeous as you photographed it. Your skills are duly noted, girl. Love the bookmarks. What talent!!!!! Enjoy the balance of your summer vacation. I’m afraid there are no do-overs;-(

  3. Roxie

    Every so often you need a quiet day. Glad you got one.

    The bookmarks are brilliant! Those would go well as Christmas gifts. I can easily see marking my favorite recipes and knit patterns with those.

    Ah yes, clearing out the closets. I rather sympathize with A3. There are things in my closet that are not fit to wear, but were so perfect when they were that I hate to let go. Like the long grey polyester cardigan that goes with everything and looked so classy untill it became covered with pills and snags. Or the pretty dress that won’t zip closed any more. Sigh. Anyone want a pair of purple Thai silk tailored trousers with a 35 inch inseam?

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