Knitting Apathy

I don’t knit much any more, even when the opportunity arises.  Yesterday I took A2 and A3 for haircuts and an outdated magazine was favored over the project bag in my purse.  I’m not sure if fatigue or other, more sinister reasons are to blame.

A1 enjoys her new Skype camera.  It’s set up on my computer (we wanted it in the family office instead of on the laptop in her room).  It looks like a blinking eyeball and every time I sit down the first thing I do is take it off the monitor and turn it towards the wall.  Visions of the darned thing spontaneously turning on and broadcasting images of me across the universe kind of freaks me out.  I love this picture she took showing her dad in the background with her image ghosted over the top. 

In addition to a new, super short haircut, A2 will be starting new year with contact lenses as well.  The wind wouldn’t cooperate and it kept blowing her hair all over while taking the picture.  She had a consultation visit with an orthodontist this week too, but braces will be put off for another year or more due to finances.  She seemed quite relieved.

A3’s new hairstyle is an A-line cut with a really sharp angle down to her chin.  She wouldn’t hold still long enough to show the side view, but it’s quite short in the back and it suits her perfectly. She’s never been one to tolerate having me braid, or otherwise style her hair and I don’t want her looking like a neglected waif with matted bed-head when she leaves the house.

Today I’m hoping to finish painting the hallway.  It’s taken several days to prep and start painting.  The ceiling will be same color as the walls.  It’s easier to paint when you don’t have to worry about accidentally touching the roller or brush against another surface. It makes the hall less choppy looking too.  The color is a variation of white that looks yellow next to bright white (the old ceiling color), but white next to beige (the old wall color).  This particular shade is on the same paint chip card as the green that I’ve chosen for the living room/dining room area, should we ever get that behemoth painted.  It’s not a project we can undertake on our own and the quotes we’ve had were ridiculously high.

My DH is working again this weekend.  The poor fellow is exhausted and in much need of a vacation.  Monday will be our 19th anniversary, but we’ve not made any plans as of yet.  Perhaps we’ll have an evening out sans kids.  If  there’s time after painting today I’m going to make myself finish the socks.  Maybe finishing something will be all it takes to break through the knitting doldrums.  Does anyone else ever experience knitting apathy?  If so, how do you overcome it?



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4 responses to “Knitting Apathy

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Are you being serious? Absolutely. I’ve been in a knitting funk for weeks now. I can feel it starting to lift, but part of it, dumplin’, is that it’s crazy busy and outside a lot right now. Once the fall starts setting in, the knitting will call us back. I’m hoping. Really. Don’t quote me. I love the girls haircuts. They are so beautiful. All three girls are gorgeous. Poor Daddy and Mommy. Hugs, girl. And, if I don’t get a chance, Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Roxie

    Your knitting mojo has just taken a little summer break. While you finish those socks, start planning the next project. Get a good audio book from the library (one of the Aubrey and Maturin sea sagas would be my suggestion) and make the knitting and book time be just a special treat. You don’t HAVE to knit. You GET to knit.Your mojo will be back with its boots on in no time!
    The girls look great! A2 especially, though A3 looks so happy with her short hair. Good job, mom!

    Hope you and the DH have a swell anniversary. Sometimes just going out for a quiet night together is the best celebration there is.

  3. PICAdrienne

    Two methods, either power through it, and you will start enjoying it again. (Not my preferred method.) Or, leave it alone, your mojo will return when fall settles in, and you are ferrying the girls to cheer practice, wrestling practice, music lessons…etc. Mojo is allowed a bit of a break as well.

    The boys can start football practice on the 17th (at least for our league) and girls start volleyball practice on the following Monday, so I am guessing cheer will start in that same time frame.

    We should meet up sometime. We are not all THAT far apart, maybe at a Saturday track meet in the spring, I think our kids schools have one or two invitationals together. I am in Napavine.

  4. I agree, summer is no time for knitting………….but stitching that meanders on. gg

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