Diversions (with lots of pictures)

Once painting the hallway was finished, (it’s really quite boring to look at, as are most hallways)




I spent the remainder of Saturday in the kitchen.







raspberry syrup, raspberry (mostly seedless) jam, apple pie


zucchini recipe of the day, yakisoba

When Sunday rolled around the girls and I desperately sought diversions from household drudgery.  A1 spent the remainder of her birthday money on a return visit to the fair.  A2, A3 and I opted for a more organic endeavor at the Wildlife Refuge.  It just so happens that the Cathlapotle Plankhouse  was hosting exhibits and classes on Native American living.  Inside were displays of both ancient artifacts, along with newer renditions of traditional arts and live demonstrations.








A3 entering the plankhouse backwards, in the traditional way






interior view






Weaving demonstration.  Two strands of weft are carried across and while one passes on the front, the other loops around from the back to anchor it to the warp strings.

ancient tools

new stuff made the old way.  The hand-carved cedar bowls were set in the coals and used to boil water, cook salmon, etc. the mats were woven out of cattails






hunting tools






hat and robes

The craftsmanship and beauty of the inside displays held little fascination for A2 and A3, and they dragged me outside to witness the more exciting atlatl demonstration. Both girls had a quick lesson then got to try ancient spear shucking themselves.

A3 throwing

A plastic pheasant and deer were set up for target practice, but A2 refused to aim at them and instead tried to see how far she could throw her dart.



Afterwards we hiked through the refuge.  The girls were enamored with the giant oak tree.  This tree was big back when Lewis and Clark found it! Sadly the gargantuan oak is starting to succumb to age and it’s sagging something awful. Oh, how I can relate!





























The usual Washington State wildlife was abundantly visible.






banana slug, about 7 inches long

An exhorbitant supply of blackberries meant that progress down the trails was slow in some places, as the girls tested out the berries. In another week or so they will be at their peak (barring heavy rainstorms). I don’t know if you’re allowed to go in and just pick berries there though… probably not.  There’s a huge difference between trail grazing and hoards of bucket-wielding harvesters picking fruit.


The socks grew by only a scant few rows.  Thank heavens the recipient isn’t allergic to cats because Roxie has completely coated the first one in hair. 






Today is light, with only 1 optometry appointment, regular housework and some stock baking on the agenda.  Happy Monday!




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2 responses to “Diversions (with lots of pictures)

  1. Karen

    Awesome! Sounds like A2 had some fans! I would love to see the Native American place someday. I had a great time at the Aboriginal museum in Whistler. Summer sure is winding down. Have a great day!

  2. Roxie

    A2 just rocks the atlatl! And isn’t it great to hear those cheers?

    LOVE the photo of the two of them in the tree! Soo totally cool!

    The hall is scintallant, and the socks will be rockin’ because they have the Roxie shed of approval!

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