Operation “Zulu”

The mission:   Deliver subject;  zucca cucutia, a.k.a. courgette, a.k.a.  zucchini, to unsuspecting recipient without being caught.

Subject profile:   Proliferate summer squash ubiquitous among suburban and rural gardeners; often foisted off on neighbors, co-workers and house guests.

The operative: World Class spy and reconnaissance agent disguised as middle-aged housewife and mother.  Use of Lethal Force authorized for mission.

Mode of delivery: Specially equipped vehicle camouflaged as suburban transportation device.  Note: In case of capture ingest cyanide capsule disguised as old french fry under driver’s seat.

Mission Summary

0817 am – subject loaded in vehicle and drop off desination printed on edible map.  Depart point of origin.

0823 am – one mile to destination, seem to have picked up enemy tail suspected of harboring more zucchini

0824 am – drop off site located, but drive past it to avoid mission compromise and to throw off  enemy tracker

0828 am – lose tail (most definitely a spy) and double back to delivery location

0829 am –  arrive at location and spot counter-operative approaching vehicle.  Initiate operation “Pet the Pooch” to avoid detection

0830 am – conversion of counter-operative to join and partake in “Operation Zulu” completed.  Subject delivered to doorstep.

0832 am – Successful get-away to pre-determined location. 

 Mission accomplished!



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2 responses to “Operation “Zulu”

  1. Roxie

    Yup, you can tell when someone has no friends at all if you see them in the grocery store in August buying Zucchini. Yoiur mission was virtually “Mission Impossible.” Trying to find a home for August squashes is harder than finding a home for kittens.

    This is when you want to lock your car doors to avoid having extra zukes left on the seat by total strangers.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    OMG! I love it. A drive-by! You are so much fun, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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