Lately I’ve been more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  Near as I can tell it’s because summer is almost over and much is left undone and unresolved.  There’s still no word on where A3 will be attending school (starts next week) and the district office still has her file sitting on someone’s desk.  Depending on where she goes, my DH may have to request to have his entire work schedule adjusted and she’s all kinds of anxious because she doesn’t know where she’ll be going or who her teacher will be.  In the meantime, the summer “to-do” list remains undone.  Included on it were planned trips north to visit friends, spending more time with my family and finishing up projects around the house and yard.

We had to drain our pool because the water was nasty.  The small filtration systems on many of the above-ground pools are inadequate and even with extra chlorine the pool looked murky.  As luck would have it, two days after we drained the pool we finally had our first (and only) day where the temperature rose above 90°F.   Luckily the girls had been invited to a pool party at a friend’s house that day.

Knitting has continued, but still without enthusiasm.  I finished the pair of socks and then went on to complete another square for the afghan made out of scrap sock yarn.


The plan is to make either 16 or 24 of these squares, depending on how much yarn I have. Until they’re made I won’t make a decision on how to arrange the squares.  I’m torn between liking the warm or the cool as the centers.  They remind me of the God’s Eyes we used to make as kids.

This weekend my DH and I also cleaned out one of the beds in our front yard.  The bush had grown all kinds of crazy and out of control.  It blocked the office window and there were branches even trying to grow up under the laps in the siding. Digging out the root base was a major undertaking.




The next step is to put down several layers of weed barrier and top it off with river rock. By removing the loose bark and soil under the old bushes we also eliminated one of the neighborhood toilets for every cat living within a three block radius.  Hopefully the rock won’t be so inviting and they’ll start using their own yards. 

Time to head outside and clean/pack up the disassembled pool.  That thing is heavy, floppy and a downright pain in the arse to store.  The cats are nagging to be fed too. Happy Monday everyone!




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8 responses to “Anxiety

  1. How totally irresponsible of the school system to leave hanging that “little detail” of where A3 will go!

    My opinion on color placement for your squares: the piece pops more pleasingly with the cool in the center. But intriguing either way you choose.

    Quite a positive transformation on that cleaned out corner of the yar

    d! good job! One thing I’ve done to control cats’ use of my gardens: chicken wire as the last layer – not very visible and prevents cats from digging.

  2. DH

    Wasn’t there a Mel Brooks movie satire called High Anxiety?

  3. Love you, H! Looking forward to chillin’ with you & your DH again soon 🙂

  4. Roxie

    “High Anxiety” was Mel Brooks’ take on Hitchcock’s “Vertigo.”

    If you continue using those colors of sock yarn, The next rows of squares will give you alternating cool and warm centers.

    Hope the asshats in the office get A3’s stuff straightened out. What happens if you just take her with you and complain bitterly about paperwork going astray? Get her settled in just as if she was supposed to be there.

  5. knitwonpurltoo

    I’m thinking anxiety is just part of life now. You are busy and worried and it’s natural, but I hope you can find some peace and relief soon. Maybe yoga or something? I’ve done it and it is amazing!!!!! What is it about schools these days? It seems they have forgotten about the children, doesn’t it?

  6. Thinking of you and A3 . . . not sure what to say–still dealing with similar issues with Tyler in high school. Glad she has proactive and caring parents! About the yarn–I’m with the cool in the center as well.

    Miss you and the fam–may be back in Portland for four months. We’ll see–life continues to be crazy.

  7. Karen O

    What Roxie said about the colors–when the blocks join together it’ll complete the warm diamonds, so you’ll have both. It’ll look amazing when it’s done! I have plans for a warm/cool quilt based on a project I finished for the guild a couple years ago.
    Hope to see you soon!
    Love, K

  8. I definitely like the cool colors toward the center. When you look at it, it’s like looking down a long, deep shaft – nice optical illusion.

    I wish you all the luck with your daughter’s school. Frustrating!

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