WTF Ranting Wednesday

WTF Toys:  I have no problem with Barbie and feel  like she’s been attacked unfairly over the years, mostly for her unrealistic dimensions.   However, most dolls, action figures, etc. aren’t to scale in one way or another.  At least she’s affordable, with basic models starting at less than $5.00.  My girls have learned to cut hair, apply Sharpie tattoos, create clothing out of old socks and toilet paper, plus a myriad of other skills, all thanks to Barbie.  In our house Barbie has been strapped to cats,  and hung from trees as a holiday decoration.







She has been buried, disassembled and turned into imaginary creatures.





My point is, I’m not uptight when it comes to Barbie dolls.  Children are exposed to so many worse things out there.   This link to failed Barbie ideas made me laugh though. . I kind of want one of the shaving Ken dolls!

WTF Sleezy Companies:  About 6 or 7 years ago my DH worked as a manager for a rather large telephone company, V3r!z0n, on their land-line side.  That distinction is important because the wireless company is separate.  Anyway, after working there for 8 years he, along with many others, was laid off from work as the corporate monster found new and inventive ways to boost profits and keep shareholder’s stocks high.  Fast forward to this spring/summer.  V3r!z0n union workers back east went on strike.  I do not know the particulars, nor are they important. The point is that said company had the balls to send my DH a letter asking if he would come back to work temporarily during the strike to “help them out”.  Can you hear me now?  Bite me!

 WTF student Fees: Yesterday we registered my oldest for her Sophomore year of public high school.  The reason I mention what grade she’s in is because most people know and expect the Senior year to be expensive.   In addition to the $XXX.00 balance remaining for cheerleading uniforms  we had to cough up $135.00 for other expenses.  Students must pay fees, ranging from $30 to $90 to participate in certain classes, including art, music, advanced placement classes, etc.  There are sports fees, club fees, parking fees (A1 doesn’t drive yet, so we dodged that cost), ASB cards, yearbooks and other miscellaneous expenses.   My question is, what happens to the families who just don’t have the money?  Hardship scholarships are available for some, but many don’t qualify.  It’s true that nobody perished for the lack of an ASB card or the inability to join French Club (not offered at our school), however; when all classes with additional costs are eliminated, including art, choir, band, theater, shop and advanced placement there aren’t a lot of options left over for students.

WTF Earthquake:  The east coast was shaken up a bit from a 5.9 earthquake Tuesday.  Damage was minimal and thank heavens nobody was killed or seriously hurt (that I know of).  Almost immediately folks from the west coast started mocking the people back east for over-reacting and not knowing what to do.   One well-known “comedian” (I’ve never found Dennis Miller to be funny or clever, but rather pompous and full of himself) tweeted, ““Really all this excitement over a 5.8 quake??? Come on East Coast, we have those for breakfast out here!!!!”    Personally, I don’t think that they did overreact.  Earthquakes are scary because you’re completely out of control.  And if someone has never experienced one before then of course they aren’t going to dive under a table at the first tremor.  The arrogance and ridicule displayed yesterday reminds me of the comments we hear from folks from the mid-west when they make fun of our inability to cope with snow and ice in the winter.  What it boils down to is, if you aren’t used to or prepared for an event then it’s scary.

this picture was posted on Facebook by a Seattle news anchor



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5 responses to “WTF Ranting Wednesday

  1. Walledgarden

    I am too old to have had a Barbie as a girl. I really feel I missed out because they were just the right size for making things for and carting around and such.
    I also wished I lived nearby so that I could receive anonymous zooks on my doorstep!
    Hope all goes well with the new school year.
    Cheers Gillian

  2. Karen O

    I hear ya with the expenses. I think we still have to get a graphing calculator $$$ for the 8th grader, and the list of supplies that the students need gets longer every year. At least two of them are wearing uniforms, and the other hasn’t grown much, so I can cut back on the back-to-school wardrobe costs.
    As for disaster preparedness, the west coast is seriously lacking in snowy weather tools, which has been an annual problem. That’s just stupidity since they claim that it “rarely snows” and then it does every year, so the whole state has to shut down for three days. You gotta love the lawn chair photo though–that’s just funny!

  3. Karen O

    I remember my first earthquake! We were roommates and you were out on a date with Kevin, while I was back at the apartment watching a scary movie. I totally freaked! Then they handed out those “how to prepare for an earthquake” fliers which included, “stay away from glass windows and brick buildings.” Uh, we’re on the 4th floor of a brick building. Helpful. Thanks.
    Miss you!

  4. Erin Caudill

    Beth had the shaving Ken…she thought it was pretty darned cool!!! For the 1st 10 minutes…then the shaving part became lame and he started driving Barbie’s car.

    I also wonder what the poor kids do about fees at school. I could barely afford one kid…don’t know how folks like you and Brian do it with more.

    I love your blogs, even when they’re grumpy. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  5. knitwonpurltoo

    Wow! School has gotten expensive. Sheesh. I dropped V*riz*n a year ago and am so grateful to be away from them. I think they are the worst cell phone company for employee relations of all of them. And, I agree about the earthquake, but the picture of the lawn chair turned over made me laugh out loud. As far as “most terrifying” weather conditions, I still vote for hurricanes and/or tsunamis and that’s probably because I’ve never experienced either. Hugshugshugs!!!!

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