Winding Down On A Real Yawnfest

The last few days of summer vacation have left the whole family feeling sad and dejected.  We didn’t take a family vacation or do anything remotely exciting. Even near perfect weather isn’t helping… if anything, it’s making going back to work and school worse because the first half of our vacation was so dreary and cold. The evenings have been so delightful that the other night we decided to splurge and go out to dinner at an outdoor restaurant on the Columbia River.  

The food was casual, but excellent and the service was wonderful.  Everyone had a good time watching the various watercraft go by.  I don’t think the fellow in the back seat was contributing.

The girls threw bits of  their dinner to an assortment of well-fed water fowl and we could see Mt. Hood off in the distance.

Perhaps the biggest wonder of the evening was that the girls didn’t bicker.  They even agreed to share a community drink!

In other news, I harvested the corn two days ago.  It yielded moderate results, but in relation to the amount of space that the corn stalks took up in the garden beds, it wasn’t worth planting.   What we didn’t eat has been boiled, cut off the cobb and frozen. 

The tomatoes are finally starting to ripen and we have two pumpkins that didn’t rot.  Lots of zucchini keep popping out, but the cabbage plants never formed very big heads.  They are hearty plants though, so I can leave them to grow well into the fall.

A friend came down Saturday for a visit.  I met up with her, and another friend, who lives in the area, for a glass of wine. During the course of the evening we lamented the state of the world, then we took and compared each other’s blood pressure.  One person refilled her weekly pill-box (which reminded me that I needed to do the same when I got home) and I knitted.  Nobody broke out a shot glass and quarters.  No kegs were tapped and all clothing remained on. We are too darned young to act this old.  We used to be fun dammit!

The Dicke Decke blanket may end up being a Dicke Decke lap throw.  It seems I’ve underestimated the contents of my ball sack. Based on how much yarn I started with, what’s been produced to date and how much remains, only a total of 10 to 12 squares can be made. Twelve blocks would make this 41″ square, about the size of a baby blanket.

So now the question is, should I  break into unused sock yarn and buy more to make the blanket bigger, beg used sock yarn off of people, or just leave it diminutive in size?  I was originally hoping to make something large.  Suggestions are always welcome. 

Hopefully flooding and damage from Hurricane Irene was minimal or non-existant for our friends back east.  We thought about you all over the weekend.  Cheers!



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6 responses to “Winding Down On A Real Yawnfest

  1. Karen O

    When you’re out at garage sales or the local second hand stores looking for treasures, check their yarn stashes. You can always use the throw and add to it when you make more blocks later. Sorry to hear that A3 won’t be joining you at your school. Perhaps you could petition for a review or threaten them with a lawsuit? Good luck! Love ya.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    How much sock yarn leftovers (yardage wise) are you looking for? I’ll send mine to you so that I don’t feel so guilty looking at them. Just let me know. Also, you are entitled to feel bad about the summer. It sucked everywhere I do believe. I’m so sorry about the wee one. I think about all the bullying and find myself singing Taylor Swift’s wonderful song “Mean”. Hugs to you all. And, your pix are a joy. How the girls have changed in the short years we have been friends!!!

  3. What types of sock yarn are you looking for (stripes, handpaints or semi-solids)? I have lots and lots and I’d be happy to share!

  4. Roxie

    It may not have been the funnest summer of all time, but no one got shot or pregnant, so it could have been worse.

    Poor A3. She’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.

    And the DD blanket (“I underestimated the contents of my ball sack.” You just crack me up!) sounds like it’s going to be growing. It’s wayyyy cool!

  5. I think an appeal re. A3 might be worth all the hassle and ghastly extra energy reuired. They are disgusting to turn her down, can you make the most of your special circs. I remember I appealed for my son when the “education” over here tried to send him to the wrong school. I did everything – including cry – to point out I needed the extra help the location of the school I had chosen would bring; I was divorced by then and working at a school like you. It was humiliating but it worked. Could your consultant or anyone else help to give you more clout? Oh it is So angry making when bureauocracy can’t see the right thing to do to help everyone.

  6. I’ll be happy to contribute my left over sock yarn to your blanket project. Just email me your address and I’ll have a box on the way before you can say toe-socks!

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