One Week Down, Thirty Seven to Go!

The first week (only three days) back at school flew by quickly and smoothly.  Because of my new schedule and the district’s last minute decision to allow A3 to have a boundary acception (it came the day before school started) I am able to drive all three girls to school!  My job starts and ends at the same time that their school days.   This has been a God-send because my DH’s job isn’t impacted. 

In addition to a delightful beginning to the school year, two packages arrived that were completely squee worthy!  The first came from Cindy.  I love Cindy to bits!  We’ve been friends for 6 years now, but have yet to meet in person.  She read my whiny post about running out of yarn scraps to make my blanket and she offered to send me some.  Can you see the scrap yarn in this picture?

There are four luscious balls waiting to be knitted into the blanket, but they’re dwarfed by the non-scrap yarn and roving she mailed too.  There is enough of the wool/silk tweed to make an entire sweater and the Lorna’s Laces green yarn is incredibly gorgeous.  I keep taking it out to just hold and look at.  All of that greeney goodness makes my soul happy.  Thank you Cindy!

The second package arrived from Karin up in Lakewood, WA.  I do not even know Karin, but she knits and therefore must be a good person.  She responded to my Ravelry request, but then flat-out refused compensation for shipping.  Just look at all of the lovely colors!  They will add some zing to the blanket.  Thank you Karin!

Knitting time’s been virtually non-existent due to meetings and other activities.  Football season has started, so that means the next 10 weeks worth of Fridays will be spent cheering on both the football team and A1 and the other cheerleaders. 

RHS won their first game with a score of 37 to 8.  Everyone loves to win, but the cheerleaders have a long-standing tradition that each time our team scores, they (meaning the cheerleaders) all drop and do push-ups equal to our team’s current score.  That translated to 107 push-ups by the end of Friday’s game. Ouch!

On Saturday we said goodbye to the pink walls and castle that have been in A3’s room for almost 5 years. 

Her room now sports a more sedate, mature shade called, “Monet Magic.” 

A2 will continue going to Art School once a week after school.  She’s tolerating Junior High School so far with no major drama or trauma.  Her schedule is pretty intense for this first semester and I predict lots of late night study sessions.  We never had to do this much work back in the dark ages… makes me glad that I’m not a kid today.

The garden is winding down, with the vast majority of our tomatoes remaining green.  My mom taught me how to force ripen them, so this afternoon I’ll start that process so they can be turned into sauce and frozen this week.  The two pumpkins are getting bigger, but they’re all warty looking.  We’ll have monster Jack-o-Lanterns this year for Halloween! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend. Cheers!




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4 responses to “One Week Down, Thirty Seven to Go!

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Your blanket is going to be amazing!! I’m so glad you’re happy with the lot I sent and bless Karin for sending you more. How cool is that? I love A2’s new room color, but do think the castle was simple lovely. We all need a castle in the clouds from time to time. And, congrats to the football team and good for the cheerleaders. 107 push ups? I’m so impressed!!!!!!

  2. It would take me 107 days to do 107 push ups. I am SO impressed! And they’re not even girl pushups. those are tough ladies out there.

    The stash enhancement is glorious! what fun that blanket is going to be. No knitting at the football games?

    Does the thirty seven weeks to go count Christmas vacation as well? I am SO glad things worked out for you and A3. Hugs to all the girls.

  3. Walledgarden

    Monet Magic looks really lovely!
    Glad the start of the year went so well for all of you.
    Our schools go back tomorrow and so we are off on holiday. The “retired” love to go away while school is in!
    Tigger is in the cattery and we are in the Camper and heading for France.
    Hope your tomato harvest was well worth bottling. Mine just got eaten as it grew!!!
    Cheers to you all. I’ll be off line for three weeks.
    Cheers Gillian

  4. Karen O

    I have leftover yarn I could give you, too. Do you want sock weight in particular? Maybe I can deliver it in person… 🙂
    Very happy to hear that A3 will be joining you at the other school! What a sweet surprise (although it sure would be nice if they settled that a week or two *before* school starts!).

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