Getting Your Geek On

My girls are all three so very different from one another in looks, behavior, hobbies, etc. that I often wonder if the wrong kids came home from the hospital with me (not really,  I never even let them go to a nursery or leave my sight from the second they were born until we got them home).  One of the few interests that the three of them share is their love of anime’ and manga.  Anime’ are the Japanese cartoons where the people all have big eyes and spiky hair.  Lots of the stories involve super-natural themes and characters. Manga are non-animated comics along the same genre.  I kept interchanging the terms and all three of the girls corrected me.  Anyway, this weekend Vancouver, WA just happened to be hosting one of the larger west coast conventions, Kumoricon .   Normally we eschew crowds like the plague, but because of their shared interest we decided to forego our normal avoidance routines and take them to the boisterous festival.

They had a ball!  Costumed persona roamed downtown Vancouver in droves.  Not only were people dressed as their favorite anime’ characters, but people represented various video games, sci-fi and fantasy movies, steampunk and there were even a few Harry Potter folks running amok.  All together, more than 4,000 people, including my brood, attended the event.  Everyone seemed to be having a great time.  We didn’t see any drinking, drugs, or inappropriate behavior.  People were so friendly and easy-going that even our excited A3 didn’t go into meltdown mode or get out of control with her silliness.  The girls’ costumes were a hodge-podge of things we had around the house and items from the Goodwill Store. Two of their friends went too.


They waited in line for several hours to get autographs from Todd Haberkorn.  My DH spent the majority of the time there with them, but I took over at the end.  A plain sock-in-progress came along for my part of the adventure.

Everyone’s tired and happy after their exciting weekend.   I tried telling them that Sock Summit was just as fun, but they wouldn’t believe me.  I guess we’re all “geeks” in our own way.



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4 responses to “Getting Your Geek On

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Thank you, Sweetie, for the explanation. I’m clueless about that stuff, but know so many kids that love it. My oldest (that just sounds wrong) friend from school’s daughter does a lot of that art and I just have to admit I don’t get it, but it’s neat that your girls all share the interest. Sounds like they all had a great time! You and B are great parents to work so hard to find things your entire family will enjoy. It gets so much harder as they grow!

  2. Oh what fun! And what fun costumes! You have such a creative crew!

  3. Karen O

    Emma would have loved to go with you! Certainly more than she enjoyed our camping adventure. She spent most of the time playing with her PSP that she got with saved funds from babysitting and acting as guinea pig for Children’s (which are all surveys & interview type things, not medical testing). Sounds like you guys had a blast!

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