Having a Ball!

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream just released a new flavor called “Schweddy Balls”.

Last week a New Zealand rugby team, appropriately named the “Nude Blacks” (their name is a parody of the famous team, The All Blacks) took on a Spanish women’s Rugby team, The Conquistadores.  The women’s team won.   <Insert joke about the new ice cream flavor here>

And since we’re on the subject, this week another wonderful package arrived full of leftover balls of sock yarn!  This lot came from Benita in Indiana.  I love the bright and happy colors! Thank you Benita!

Finally, here is a picture of A1 with her dad before last night’s football game. She’s almost as tall as he is now!

I know that this is a somber weekend and all, but instead of dwelling on sadness of how our world has changed since the tragic events of ten years ago, it truly has, I think we should all go out and have a ball!  We’re alive.  We’ve not been beaten. Living loud and enjoying life are the best tributes we can give to those who are no longer with us.  Cheers!



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5 responses to “Having a Ball!

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Thank you. I am having a lot of trouble with the dwelling on the sorrow thing right now. Yes. It is tragic. It will always be tragic, but I do believe I am capable of grieving on my own without all the fanfare and media hype. Love the yarn and A1’s uniform with the flipflops cracked me up!!!

  2. Karen O

    Right on! Let’s rip it up American style! Happy Patriot’s Day!

  3. I completely agree with your 9/11 sentiments! 🙂

  4. Um, does Sven know about “Schweddy Balls”? Inquiring minds want to know.
    And, wow, A1 is SO tall. that’s a great shot of the two of them.

  5. and when you get to my age you realise you had better get on with it…………….

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