Gone Camping

Today A3 left for Outdoor Environmental Education… a.k.a. Camp Cispus.  A U-Haul truck full of sleeping bags and suitcases preceded the hoards of 5th graders, who clamoured onto busses with their teachers and high school counselors.   To say that I’m  nervous about her being away is a gross understatement.  I hope that she will have a great time. 

W., one of her best friends, and A3

Loading up the kidlets

On the bus and ready to roll

She has her noise-reducing headphones to muffle some of the chaos so she won’t get upset during the ride there.  She was so excited about the disposable camera that I doubt she’ll have any film left by the time they arrive.   As the busses pulled out the rain started.  Weather predictions call for a wet, cold week.  Thank heavens she has two pairs of shoes, in addition to her rubber boots and huge pile of socks. 

Three fundraiser meetings, cooking dinner for a team of people Monday, making and selling carmeled apples of Friday night, setting up and working the farmer’s market next Saturday,  taking A1 and A2 to cheer practice and art lessons, respectively, each day, in addition to regular work should help keep me busy so that there’s less time to worry about A3.  One of my DH’s co-workers gave him a bottle of wine, so after tonight’s meeting (for planning a Bunko tournament) I plan on having a glass.  Hopefully it will relax me enough that I can sleep.  I miss sleep… and knitting.  In fact, I miss knitting a lot.  I wonder if others at the meeting would be offended if I knit while listening. I’d better not, some of the other moms have been working like gangbusters to get this up and running and I’d hate for them to think I wasn’t serious or appreciative.



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6 responses to “Gone Camping

  1. That’s the spirit!! You have a good attitude, Heide! I love reading your blog.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Oh, hunny. She’s your baby. It doesn’t matter. You’ll worry. It’s ok, but you do need to try to sleep. The melatonin idea rocks. Start out with 1 mg. Winter is coming and knitting will be your solace. Hugs!

  3. Karen O

    Hope she has a blast and has lots of great memories of camp! Take it easy, H…enjoy the wine!

  4. Roxie Matthews

    The teachers and counselors have done this before and know how to take care of kids. She’ll be OK, and will return with all sorts of new ideas.

    How did Saturday Market go? Did you get in any knitting? Making and selling carmel apples as well? You never quit, do you?

    She’ll be home before you know it. Think happy thoughts.

  5. Little do those people know that knitting at the meeting means you can focus on what they are saying much better than without it. I always knit during lectures and talks and usually remember what was said better than my friends. Either my hands needs to “wander” or my brain does.

  6. Marta

    Ah, man! I wish I had thought of noise canceling ear muffs for Beth. What a great idea!

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