Ten On Tuesday

This week’s “Ten On Tuesday” assignment is to tell 10 things that you did this past weekend. 

1. Sold giant Honeycrisp apples at the local Farmer’s Market

2. Cast on a hat for a co-worker.  She asked me for knitting instructions, but we both decided that it would be easier if I just made this one (there’s a deadline) then I can show her how to make one at a later date.

3. Cleaned out the garden beds and harvested the last vegetables of the year. This picture does not include the green tomatoes or pumpkins.

4. Made a huge vat of vegetable soup from the vegetables in the previous picture.

5. Separated tomatoes.  Those starting to ripen cover the kitchen window sill, those that were still green and hard as rocks filled an industrial sized colander.  When time permits I’ll force ripen some of them.

We had fried green tomatoes for dinner. 

6. Baked cookies

7. Planted garlic and chives.

8. Transplanted raspberries.

9. Went grocery shopping because we really needed milk, eggs and some other non-vegetable items.

10. Gathered items for a Bunco auction and delivered them to another cheerleader’s mom’s house for “fluffing” and inventory.  The other moms there put together amazing prizes and they even packaged up the things that I brought and made them look desirable! 

This up-coming weekend promises to be a whirlwind of activity and I’m tired just thinking about it.  If you live in the area and want to play Bunco, we are hosting an adult only party at the Ridgefield Community Center!   We’ll also be selling more apples, dinner tickets to an upcoming banquet and auction and we’re taking pre-orders for Christmas wreaths.  That reminds me, I haven’t started my Christmas knitting yet.  Aack! I need more time. Cheers!

Not a glamorous weekend,  




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2 responses to “Ten On Tuesday

  1. I think that qualifies as a weekend marathon! I’m exhausted just thinking about it. The vegetable soup looks awesome, by the way! If you know any single people, you have their Christmas presents right there. Just freeze up single portions of that soup add a few slices of frozen Garlic bread on the side, and you have a home-cooked meal for one just stuffed with comfort! Many’s the night I have dragged home in the rainy dark, exhausted and dispirited, and haven’t had the will to fix a meal. I ate a lot of microwave popcorn in those days. But to have a bowl of home-made veggie soup just waiting to be heated, and just a couple slices of garlic bread – oh what a feast that would have been!

    Or, you can watch the family scoff every last bite and rejoice in your ability to provide from your garden for the people you love the best. And that’s wonderful, too!

  2. Those Honey Crisps looking amazing! Happy TOT!

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