Huddled in the Corner Whimpering

Is it November yet?  During this past month not a day’s gone by when I didn’t challenge universal laws governing time and physics. I managed to be in more than one place simultaneously, extract complete meals from an empty pantry and end the month with three children, three cats and one husband more or less intact.    Hobbies, such as knitting and sleeping, have suffered. My poor spinning wheel sits covered in dust and not even a lone hat’s been cast off the needles during this time.

However, on a positive note, A3 survived her first non-family trip away from home.  Not only did she “survive”, but she thrived on her new-found independence.  She returned home sporting scads of wooden cookies earned at outdoor school.  She also lugged home a suitcase full of rocks from the Cascade Mountains. 

A2’s long-awaited Soul Eater Evans cosplay arrived from Hong Kong.  She’s been wearing the coat to school almost everyday since.  She’s making leaps and bounds in her art classes too and she’ll be ready to advance to the next level of classes in about 8 weeks.

(This is what the actual anime’ character looks like)

Friday nights were spent cheering on our high school football team.  Here are my two of my favorite people (A2 and my DH) being silly while watching one. 

This past Friday’s game was Homecoming, so as a special treat before it started our team mascot delivered the game ball in a helicopter.  The picture’s hard to see, but that is one angry-looking potato ducking the rotors. 


A1 went to the Homecoming dance the following night with one of her BFFs. They started out the night feasting on sushi then they danced the night away.

The fundraising efforts continue.  The Cheerleaders are fortunate enough to have until June to raise the remainder of the money for December’s trip to Florida.  I predict a spring full of car washes and bake sales to pay off the balance.   So far it seems like the parents are doing more work than the kids.  I suggested to the coach that we blow off the girls’ trip to Florida and that the parents should just take the money and go to a spa.  Of course I’d take Sven.

Elsewhere, my parents are amid cranberry harvest.  I would give my eye-teeth to be there to help them out. I miss pulling sacks and sorting berries in the warehouse.   In the meantime, less than one week left of October. Hooray! 





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3 responses to “Huddled in the Corner Whimpering

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    And, it’s going to slow in November why? Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to burst your illusion (or delusion… can pick). You have a great active family. What a joy. Sleep is overrated and there will be time to knit. Enjoy!!!!

  2. Designated Hitter

    Sven is overrated. Sure he can knit, but can he slay dragons and beasts with the muttering of a spell? Can her raise demons from the pits of green fire to do his bidding? Can he make enchanted cloth embued with shadow magic? Hmmmm? Hmmmmm? I think not!

  3. Roxie Matthews

    Did you remember the Halloweeen candy? You could give them apples . . .

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