I’m a Helpurr!

My name is Roxie and I am an important kitty!  Wifout me, my mama wouldn’t get nuffin finished.  One of the ways I help is by sittin’ on her laps and purring when her’s on the com-pooter.  I also use my head to bump her arms a lot when she’s clicking on the letter board thingy.  This makes her say funny words.  When Mama is usin’ her litter box I reach my dainty arms under the door and sing so she doesn’t feel lonesome.  Last night I helpted her finish a hat!  I chewed on the ends until she snipped off the dangly strings and then I kneaded it thoroughly to make the stitches more even.  What would Mama ever do wifout me?

ps.  Mama doesn’t know this, but I’m really a jean-yuss.  I just act silly around her to make her feel smartical.



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4 responses to “I’m a Helpurr!

  1. Wendelene

    I’ve discovered the only time my cat wants to sit on my lap is when I’m sitting on a tall stool and bent over my loom. I think it’s a case of the less lap available, the more she needs to sit on it.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Roxie is such a good girl and when she gets tired, there’s Bonny and Steven to help her. Lucky Lucky Momma!!!

  3. Ah, my namesake: Remember, our motto is, “Enthusiasm is beautiful!” You are so good to make sure that everything your momma makes is blessed with a little cat spit. It makes all things stronger and warmer. Be sure to give your momma lots of love and purrs when she goes to bed tonight. She is very special to me.

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