Ho Hum Halloween.

Halloween is cause for a huge celebration in our home.  The girls plan costumes a year in advance (even though they always change their minds at the last-minute), we’re that obnoxious house that decorates ridiculously early and when young revelers come early we all come running to answer the door and ooh and aah over their wee little costumes.  This morning at breakfast I asked my girls if they enjoyed Halloween and trick-or-treating.  The responses boiled down to, “We loved dressing up. It didn’t really feel like Halloween.” and “I felt like I was begging for food.”  Even unbridled excitement can wither on a Monday night.  We weren’t able to go out until after 7:00 and many houses already had their lights off.  And about 1/3 of those with lights still on had run out of candy.   The girls weren’t being greedy, it wasn’t about the candy, but they were disappointed to be coolly met with no questions or comments about their costumes.  We didn’t see as many trick-or-treaters out as in past years either.

Hopefully next year will be more fun for everyone.  I’m curious if there were lots of little ghouls and goblins out and about in your neighborhoods.



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9 responses to “Ho Hum Halloween.

  1. Michelle Phillips-Pinson

    Yes, this Halloween sucked in Westport too. Our household LOVES Halloween, but I must admit our spirit wasn’t much in it this year. We don’t get tricker treaters at our place. How ever, upon my husband and I returning home from deer hunting, we did have one hispanic family (that we’ve had a few problems in the neiborhood with) try to tricker treat us. If you could have only seen the look on thier faces when they got to the porch and saw us with rifles in hand trying to get inside. There was NO argument from them when I said I was sorry, but we had no candy to give. LOL! Almost as funny as when a girlfriend of mine pissing her pants while stealing pink flamingos (please excuse any spelling errors). LOL!

  2. We got our first and only trick or treater in 15 years. And I think the only reason they stopped by was because I was having the sprinklers blown out and was outside. Our neighborhood doesn’t have street lights so we aren’t very trick or treat friendly.

  3. I didn’t get home in time for Trick or Treaters – but generally, I only get a handful.
    I don’t know if it’s the same for Americans, but I read that according to stats Canada – part of the reason for less trick-or-treaters is children in the age bracket of 5-14 are down 10 percent. So – there are less kids to trick or treat.

  4. Roxie Matthews

    Bring ’em over to our place. I squee over everyone! And they deserve squeezing. They look awesome!

  5. I had twice as many as last year, which means about 45. They were darling and I admire each and every one. I even had one (about 18 months old) walk past Grover (totally unimpressed by the huge) and go over and start playing the piano. Adorable!!!!!

  6. Karen O

    We have all the trick or treaters here! There are about 200 houses in our neighborhood and the place is crawling with kids in great costumes. We go through about 10 bags of candy each year, and it’s not for giving half a bag to each kid! Each of my kids went through the neighborhood and came home with 6 or 7 pounds of candy. It’s awesome!! Part of the reduction of trick or treating is paranoia on the part of the parents (there is no recorded evidence of someone actually putting razerblades or needles into candy), so the only place to go now is the mall. Lame. Fewer homes participate in certain areas–Bellingham. for instance. One in ten actually had the lights on. Here it’s about 2/3 participation, and the ones that don’t, it’s because they’re out with the kids.

  7. Walledgarden

    Well in the north of England I just got two little darlings from up the road. Their mum hid behind the hedge so that they knocked on the door all on their own!
    I ended up eating the rest of the treats.
    We had “Guy Fawkes” night on the Saturday 5th, which is really big and EVERYONE is out watching a firework display somewhere. We went down to the beach where they had a massive display and thousands of people.
    Cheers Gillian

  8. Wondering if you are OK? no bloggy for a while?

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