Thanksgiving holiday was a  quiet affair at my parents’ home.  Heavy traffic, impatient drivers and wet roads resulted in several fender benders (not ours) that snarled traffic and stretched our drive out to nearly 4 hours. Grandpa Porgy was already there when we arrived and dinner was waiting.  He’s  looking spry for a fellow of 90+!  My Great Auntie Ruth was in Arizona  with one of her daughters. This was the first time in over a decade that we didn’t see her for the holiday and we missed her lots.  My sister and brother were unable to come out, so the party included just the eight of us. We tried in vain to wipe out a 25 pound bird with all the trimmings, but failed miserably.  A storm raged outside, but the wood stove was fired up, water was stockpiled in the bathtub (a necessity when you have a well and the power goes out, otherwise you can’t flush the toilet) and flashlights were at the ready, but unnecessary.  The girls were a little disappointed when the power stayed on.  My poor mum wasn’t feeling well. She’d had a root canal the previous day and the tooth had cracked.  We woke before dawn Friday  morning, turned on the news and drank coffee together.  We had duties waiting back home and my mom needed to get some medicine and contact her dentist so we left soon after breakfast. Light traffic and Dramamine-laden girls made for a quick, easy and quiet commute back.

I never have been much into shopping or crowds so I stayed home on Black Friday and occupied my couch.  During which time I finished knitting a hat and wove in the ends of a scarf. 

Friday evening A1 spent the night at a friend’s house, and my DH and I tried to watch a movie while A2 and A3 played raucously with the cats.  They (the girls) were well-rested following their naps on the way back from Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Finally we had to send them to bed just so we could hear the movie.  When it was ended this was what we found in our bed. 

Today I hope to knock at least one more project off of my Christmas knitting list.  The Drops advent calendar comes out next week and I can’t wait to see the patterns.


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2 responses to “Aftermath

  1. Hope your Mom is better. Tooth trouble sucks royally. I love the pic and totally agree on the Black Friday opinion. I have to confess, I stopped for wine at a small business on the way to friends for dinner, but otherwise, I did not shop. I think it’s so sad that the employees of these giants are losing one day with family. Hugs, girl

  2. Roxie Matthews

    Poor mom! Owwww.

    Love that scarf – just a whisper of warmth.

    And love the picture of A2&A3 and Steven asleep in your bed. Awwwww! Do you kick ’em out or crawl in with ’em?

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