Pretty Cunning, Don’Cha Think?

A2 requested a Jayne hat for Christmas.  What a fun and delightful knit!  I just winged it on the pattern and seized creating the hat as an excuse to re-watch that Firefly  episode. I’d love to make another. Of course Roxie helped a lot during it’s construction, so she insisted on posing with the finished hat!  It fits A2 perfectly, but to her dismay and disappointment, she can’t wear it until Christmas.

On the off chance that someone out there doesn’t know who Jayne Cobb is, here is a clip of him receiving his hat from his dear mother.




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5 responses to “Pretty Cunning, Don’Cha Think?

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I STILL miss that show. And, I haven’t fallen out of love with Nate Fillion yet, either;-P Love your hat. Nice job!!!!

  2. Good hats, need to knit something, the winter urge is upon me. Can’t work out the pattern for Sofie’s jumper [The Killing] it goes round and round on circular needles, so will try and find a Jane hat pattern over here. xx

  3. Dave Daniels

    Ahhh, so THAT’s what a Jayne hat is. It’s SO cute. As for MrFirefly, you should catch Castle, his new show. His butt still looks great, even in his suit pants. (Because we know you’re not watching is just for the plot!)

  4. Roxie Matthews

    A man walks down the street in that hat, you know he’s not afraid of anything. YES!!

    Love the hat, and A2 will rock it!

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