Ready Or Not, Christmas is Coming

On November 30 A1 joined the other members of the RHS Cheerleaders on a trip to Disney World to record a performance for the Christmas Parade.  It will be aired on ABC Christmas morning.  They all had a really good time. While they were there various recording artists; including Cee Lo Green , Jennifer Hudson, Scotty McCreery and Justin Bieber  were also there recording their performances and they got to attend these when they weren’t rehearsing for their dance. A1 (pictured in the top row, third from the left) came home tired after the five day trip.

While she was away A2, A3 and I ushered in December with a ride through town in a horse-drawn carriage.  The jingle bells sounded quite merry and all that was missing was snow.

During the Hometown Celebration the girls made bird feeders, ate cookies and drank cider, but neither of them wanted to visit Santa.   That makes me sad because none of them are little any more.  

We had intended on pulling out Old Scratchy, our 24 year old artificial tree, from the attic and assembling him rather than spending money on a fresh tree, but when the girls and I drove by our summer fruit stand we saw this lonely little evergreen waiting for a new home.  

Funny thing about Christmas trees… they don’t seem as big when they’re outside as they do once they’re inside.  I pulled out the saw and we hacked off the bottom branches, re-cut the bottom so it would take up water and then we took 24 inches off the top.  Even after all of this pruning it still stood 12 feet tall. A2 had the honors of topping the tree this year.

A3 practised her planning and engineering skills by laying out the Christmas Village. 

The cats all disappeared during the jostling and bustling of the decorating, but when the dust settled they emerged from hiding and soon claimed their favorite new spots.  Bonny prefers the smell of fresh pine and chewy green canopy of the tree.

Steven asserted dominance over the Christmas Village and renamed it, “Catsville”. Several homes had to be relocated to accomodate his majesty.  We’re growing used to seeing him bedecked with sparkly, artificial snow.

Roxanna’s favorite spot remains sitting on lap while I’m using the computer. 

As per normal, the knitting list grows long this time of year, but time grows shorter.  Only a few hats have been finished and a pair of matching Jayne mittens started.  I secretly wish for a “Snow Day” from school in order to have time to knit or write Christmas Cards. I mentioned the thought while in the car today and one of A1’s friends told me. “But you’re an adult.  You work at the school. It’s just wrong for you to want a snow day!”

In addition to falling behind in knitting, not a single bulb adorns the outside of our yard or home… a problem that will hopefully be remedied this weekend.  In the meantime, everyone stay warm and enjoy the season, it’s flying by.

peppermint hot chocolate, kid-friendly version




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6 responses to “Ready Or Not, Christmas is Coming

  1. I love Steve going all Godzilla on the Christmas village!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    No wire chewers? Stinky is my wire chewer. I usually lose a string of lights each year. Love the pics. Cannot believe how fast those girls are growing up. And, I’ll wish for a snow day for you. Who said grown-ups can’t wish for them? Little Grinch;-P

  3. What is that star-shaped thing on the top of the hot choc? It’s pretty!!!

  4. Karen O

    Star-shaped marshmallows…what a great idea! Sans peppermint, for my taste.
    I haven’t gotten any cards out yet, either. Suppose I should do that soon. Love to you all!

  5. Gillian

    Yes, it’s all happening here too, but I’m very jealous of you having a real tree. I’ve never had the nerve for some reason. They worry me indoors. Your’s looks so good and it is such an adventure for everyone. Well done!
    Cheers Gillian

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