Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow A3 turns 11 so she wanted to bring treats for her class today.  Due to allergies our school has a strict policy on not bringing home baked food for the students.  While at Fred Meyers she looked at the cupcakes and was grossed out by the inch-high mound of sugar and shortening dolloped on top. The packaged cookies inspired yawns and eye-rolls.  So many of the kids bring in Krispy Kreme that she wasn’t keen on following suit.  About mid-way through the store her eyes lit up and she announced that she had an idea.  She wanted to bring sushi! Before I could utter a response she started skipping around naming off her favorite types and who she thought might like the different kinds.

Exhorbitant cost aside, the logistics of getting enough fresh sushi for 28 people at 6:00 in the morning and keeping it safely chilled until the afternoon made this impossible.  As I explained this to her, her bouncing slowed and her smile fell by increments.  We circled the cart back through the bread aisles and she opted for some boxes of powdered sugar donuts instead. 

 Adding to her disappointment was the news that her birthday party won’t be until January.  One of the pitfalls of having a birthday close to Christmas is that many people are away from home and there are lots of holiday activities happening. 

I pointed out that this way it’s like she’s getting to have two birthdays.  In January everyone will have free time and her party will be fabulous.  This cheered her up slightly.  This morning she was bouncy and smiling again as she proclaimed, “I’ll be old enough to go to Hogwarts now!”

Happy 11th birthday A3!  Keep on bouncing, we love you lots!





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5 responses to “Happy Birthday!

  1. Karen O

    Happy, happy birthday A3! I miss your bounces and hope to see you soon! I know I’ve been saying that for about a year now. I might just have to run away to make that happen…. Love you lots!

  2. i understand sort of why you can’t do homemade stuff, but maybe for her party you can do some sweet sushi. The “rice” is rice krispy treats, the “fish” is swedish fish and the roe for the outside is sprinkles. The nori is fruit by the foot. My mom made some for a care package when I was in college and I LOVED IT!

  3. Roxie Matthews

    Sushi was creative and inspired. In a perfect world, it would have been a perfect solution.

    Give her a hug and a kiss on the nose from me!

  4. I cannot believe that A3 is now ready for the wizarding world and Hogwarts. Please remind her that the Hogwarts Express won’t be coming until September, though;-P Lord, what a Sweetie!

  5. Karen O

    Just a snarky comment–too many schools have outlawed homemade treats in favor of the much more expensive bakery goods, when the chances of allergens getting into foods is far greater there. Just sayin…
    Hope you’re having a lovely time and we’re still planning on driving down for a quick visit after Christmas. Amanda’s memorial is set for the 30th, so we’ll have to head north before then. Hugs to all, K

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