Christmas 2011

A mostly picture essay with just a few words thrown in to explain the pictures that were taken of our laid-back, no-fuss, easy-going, unexpected illness-kept-us-home Christmas… featuring, my very own little family.


Our Christmas Crackers

A2, A3, A1 and my DH looking thoughtful

Our tree sports a decidedly Starboard list, but it’s just the way the trunk grew near the top.


One of the lovely ornaments Helena made for our family

Finnish Christmas Gnomes.  The two on the ends are new this year.

 The stockings were hung… 

World’s ugliest Christmas sweater


 Christmas teapot given to me by my late mother-in-law, Christmas 1992.

 My DH displaying Londo Malari and G’Kar from Babylon 5. Please note that these are action figures, not dolls!

 A1, who did not want her picture taken.

 A2 and A3, who did want their pictures taken. Santa brought A2 a new, official Soul Eater wig and A3 received Maka cosplay.

This year everyone went overboard when it came to my gifts.  I asked for, and received a new can opener.  It is perfect and just what I wanted!

In addition, I got an owl drawing from A2,

a chocolate frog from A1 (it included a Rowena Ravenclaw card), and

A3 bought me a reading light to go with the new Kindle that my DH decided that I needed.  There are so many free books! It’s amazing!

Original holiday plans included staying home on Christmas Eve, waking up Christmas morning for breakfast and present opening, then watching the Disney World Christmas parade.  A1’s cheer team recorded a performance for the parade earlier in December.  After the parade we were to drive out to the beach to spend the next few days with my parents. Unfortunately, my DH awoke not feeling well. As the morning elapsed he felt worse, rather than better.  We were unable to discern A1 from among the sea of performers in the parade, but a friend recorded it and we may be able to find her if we pause it.  My DH ended up back in bed and when I called my mom she was sick as well.  Hopefully we can meet up with them before the new year.   I hope that everyone enjoyed a peaceful holiday with friends and family.

Merry Christmas!



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7 responses to “Christmas 2011

  1. Merry Christmas! Miss you!!!!!!!!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    A belated Merry Christmas to you and yours, dearheart. Hope B is better today and that no one else comes down with it. My SIL’s mother was sick, too, so the day was noticeably quiet. Hugs to you all!!!!!!

  3. Gillian

    Hope you are all well now!
    Happy Xmas and may the New Year bring you contentment in all you do. It doesn’t sound too exciting but it’s a great way for life to roll along.
    Cheers Gillian

  4. Roxie Matthews

    There’s a lot to be said for quiet and low-key. I’ll never forget the year Aunt Polly had too many eggnogs, sang “Silent Night” in Norwegian, and fell into the Christmas tree, but it’s not something I want to live through again.

    Hope your mom and DH recuperate fast. And may 2012 be blissfully boring!

  5. Wow! A2 is a fantastic artist!! That owl is beautiful.

    I hope your hubby gets to feeling better.

  6. Janey

    But I have not been able to find any free knitting books – for my Christmas Kindle gift! Boo hoo.
    Project Gutenburg only has three (on a knitting knitting theme).

  7. Erin

    I love the cosplay, I am also a soul eater fan myself although I head more to death the Kidd, they look awesome and the owl is also very cool nice to see a fellow artist. Love to see more cosplay pictures

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