Pet Psychic, A Rant and Confessions

I finally finished the Dicke Decke throw for Jackie, my sister.  It isn’t as big as originally planned and I had enough sock yarn scraps to make one three times this size, but time ran out.  It’s a good thing my sister’s small! She can use it on the rare occasion when she actually sits still long enough to be cold.

Steven absolutely loved helping me make this blanket!  He usually prefers to knead the soft, fleece throws in our house, but I think he liked the wool smell from the yarn.

Speaking of Steven, he is ending 2011 on the wrong foot… or might I say three feet, rather than four.  The little fellow was just fine and running around like usual two nights ago then all of a sudden he started crying and limping.  He even hissed at my DH, which shocked everyone, because he worships the only other male in the house.  We discovered one of the pads on his rear, right foot was split open and it looked like the flesh was oozing out.  A2 had accidentally broken a glass Christmas ornament earlier that day and we think he stepped on a piece of the glass. The next morning I called the vet and took him in immediately.  He proclaimed that our Christmas ornament theory was incorrect.  What really happened was this…  Steven was outside, where he encountered a strange cat.  The other cat was even bigger than Steven, and possibly even a feral stray. The two got into a fight and as Steven turned to run away the other cat bit his foot, snagging a tooth on his rear, right paw pad.  Of course this proclamation was followed up by a lecture about letting him go outside and the fact that we were overdue on his booster shots, which meant that Steve needed all kinds of blood work to rule out him dying a horrible, slow death.  The vet literally spent 30 seconds, maximum, looking at his injury.  He then left the room and a technician drew his blood and gave him the belated shots.  We left with a prescription for an antibiotic and a $185.00 bill.  For that price they could have at least thrown in one of those nifty head cones. 

The vet drama didn’t end with a psychic diagnosis. The receptionist reprimanded me for being neglectful of my other pets because they too are overdue for booster shots.  She told me to bring in Bonny and Roxanna immediately. Their bill would be $300.00 to get them up to date, including the office calls and three shots apiece. When I told her we didn’t have a spare $300.00 right now she became even snarkier and suggested we buy health insurance for our animals.  By this time I’d reached the end of my patience so I snapped back at her that dental care for me and my children would take priority over pet health insurance.  I made the appointment to bring them in, but when I got home phone calls were made to other area veterinarians.  A friend recommended her own vet so I called his office.  Long story short, he saw both cats yesterday, gave them the identical vaccinations, cleaned Roxanna’s ears and treated her for ear mites and the bill was still $100.00 less than the estimate from my former vet.  When I called the f.v.’s office to cancel the appointment I told the receptionist why we  were leaving.  She didn’t seem to give a rat’s arse.  I have no intentions on paying more just so Dr. Omniscient can unravel the great mysteries of the pet universe. 

His foot is still swollen and he can’t bear weight on it, but hopefully the antibiotics and time will help.   And yes, I know that owning and caring for pets is an undertaking we chose and I was remiss in my responsibilities.  We really do love our animals and care for them to the best of our abilities, but time and money don’t always allow for us to stay on-top of things.  This is the main reason we don’t have more animals.  Truth be told, I’m behind in my own health maintenance and my car needs its oil changed as well.  Scoldings from the doctor and a mechanic are probably imminent.  I confess that I’m not the best at remembering things, but I do try.  And yes, I do write myself notes, I’m just kind of a lost cause when it comes to organization.  Hope everyone is enjoying these last hours of 2011. Cheers!




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8 responses to “Pet Psychic, A Rant and Confessions

  1. Hope Steve is feeling better soon.
    I hate self-righteous professionals. I would have switched vets too. And I don’t think anyone could blame you of neglecting your pets. Cats get into stuff – my Tux once tore a claw out and I have no idea how he did it! And he was indoors!

    The blanket looks fantastic!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    How dare that vet and the receptionist lecture you. How DARE they. F*ck ’em. You do a marvelous job with your pets and the only thing that makes me angrier is that you bought into the guilt trip. When you were a child, did your animals have yearly check-ups???? I’m glad you found someone less expensive and, wow!, did that raise my ire a bit;-D Sorry ’bout that, kid. You’re doing a great job and the blankie is beautiful!!!

  3. It’s all in delivery. Had there been a “we noticed your other two are also a bit late on boosters, can you bring them in soon?” instead of a lecture or insinuating you are “bad”
    Plus I know taking care of pets is a responsibility we choose, but when you pick out a cat(or other animal) you don’t think, wow I am going to have to pay 480 right at christmas during a hard year. You think, once a year? no big deal, i can handle that.
    Glad you found a vet that was more affordable for care that was of the same quality, with a better attitude.

  4. Roxie Matthews

    Poor Steven! And poor you! I hate being lectured by snippy young things. I hate having ear mites. AND, I won’t deal with a vet who doesn’t talk to my cats. I hope you all get better soon.

  5. Roxie Matthews

    And the blanket is just awesome sauce!! It makes my eyes sparkle.

  6. Georgi

    I hate it when the vets and their staff act like they are gods and that the rest of us poor mortals should have tons of money to spend on the pets, when the kids needs stuff too. I am glad you found another vet who was less expensive! You should write a letter to the vet, so he knows why you left him, not just the secretary.

  7. Love the blankie, need one………….shall start haunting wool and charity shops for wool as I can’t knit socks.
    Vet bills are atrocious and exploititive, only way out is to get son/daughter to marry one and live opulently ever after.
    We were so relieved when our two new cats started making use of the cat flap. Disadvantages – They still seem to need to poo in the cat tray tho [scared to take it away yet in case a carpet suffers] and two dead garden mice in the dining room – so far.

  8. Karen O

    I’m encouraging Cammie to enter vet school after college. Still a few years off, though. Hope Steven gets well soon. Hugs to all.

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