The Passing of an Era

Monday was A3’s belated 11th birthday party. It was the final childhood blowout for my youngest.  From this point forward she will celebrate birthdays by having a few friends over and a special dinner.  She chose to go ice skating and our local rink offers all-inclusive birthday packages that included pizza, drinks, cake, goody bags, decorations, 2 hours of skating and a 15 minute lesson for the party guests. 

A3 in yellow shirt in background

A3 was so hyped about the party that she wouldn’t hold still long enough to get cold.  Everyone else was freezing and several guests gladly donned the handmade hats, etc. that I’d brought, but she stripped down to a short-sleeved t-shirt for the duration.  About 3 or 4 kids didn’t come who had told A3 they would, but that could have been because of the snow.  Nothing was sticking, but people panicked to see it coming down.  Our region is ill-equipped for cold. 

I’m torn between feeling relieved and sad.  Planning and coordinating the parties won’t be missed, but watching the kids having fun will be.  

On a knitterly note, I wove in the strings of A3’s striped mittens on our way to the party… not that she wore them.  They’re in a pile of purple and black on the table in the bottom picture.  No worries, she’ll probably wear them in July. Cheers!



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2 responses to “The Passing of an Era

  1. How bittersweet. Still, as long as she enjoyed herself. That was the most important thing, right?

  2. Roxie Matthews

    One of my favorite things about the knitters’ teas is watching all my friends have fun. Just cuz the kids get older doesn’t menthe fun abates.

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