Today Was A Good Day To Dye

For several years I’ve planned on making a set of golf club covers for my friend, Marta.  Last night I finally sat down and looked through patterns.   After procrastinating for so long it was a nice surprise to decide on a pattern so quickly and with no second thoughts.  Those #@ !*% Golf Club Covers! won hands down.  

this is NOT my picture, this is a set made by a talented knitter whom I do not know.  I love the way they turned out.

The only part of the pattern that didn’t scream, “Marta!” was the color selections.  Most people who’ve made these opted for sedate earth tones, or classic choices like navy and black.  There’s nothing wrong with those choices, they just don’t do her personality justice.  Marta is a sky-diving, snorkeling, globe-trotting wild woman who never slows down for anything. She needs something to warn fellow golfers that there is a wild woman on the loose.  A jaunt through my stash didn’t reveal much besides a variety of greens so I pulled out some worsted weight Fishermen’s Wool and the brightest dyes imaginable, and voila!  


I just love to dye yarn! The orange turned out a bright, mouth-watering shade of tangerine. The club covers will each be a different color paired with black for the stripes and expletive symbols.  Additional stitches will be cast on because I’m using worsted instead of bulky or aran weight yarn and they will be knitted in the round, rather than flat to avoid that dreaded seaming at the end. 

This morning Mr. Steven decided to be friendly with A2. He usually only suffers coddling from my DH and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out his motivation.  I happened to have the camera handy (I was taking yarn the pictures)  and I caught him just after he reached up and pulled her bacon down for a good chomp.   It’s a good thing he’s cute!  She ended up surrendering and giving him the entire piece.  To prevent jealousy and cat wars we had to give Bonny some too. If she’d smelled pork on his breath we’d have been in trouble.   Time to cast on those covers. I’m starting with the orange. Cheers!



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10 responses to “Today Was A Good Day To Dye

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Those will rock! How cool and what fun! And, Steven has been ill. He “needed” the bacon. I’m sure A2 knew that, too;-P

  2. Karen O

    How cool is that!? I’ll have to make some for Dad for when he gets out of the hospital and can play a round of golf. I’m sending him a link, so he’ll have to hold me to this promise….

  3. Sophanne

    Those are my new favorite colors!

  4. Roxie Matthews

    Steven is no fool. And talk about being at the right place at the right time with the camera! Love that photo!!

    Your yarn is positively squeesome and those club covers will totally ROCK!! Lucky Marta!

  5. Dyeing is sooooo rewarding. Great colours! any left over tangerine can be used for a treat for Steven.
    Cheers Gillian

  6. Great colors! You’re gonna have lots of fun with those. Isn’t dyeing so gratifying and inspiring? Really kicks up the adrenaline! Have fun!

  7. Joy

    Love the kitty/bacon photo – looks like something one of ours would pull ;^) Your colors really pop!

  8. georgi

    Your colors are gorgeous!

  9. Penny

    Love the dyes! You are so going to have to give lessons this year at Packwood!

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