During the past week we have enjoyed the most amazingly mild, dry weather possible for a winter in western Washington.  The sunrises glowed seductively and the nightly frost melted quickly.

By mid-day temperatures hovered around 60°f.  The days would have been perfectly enjoyable if not for the obligations that kept us inside. Yesterday the rains returned.  A2, A3 and I did manage to sneak out one evening for a walk near our home.  The woods were still rather bleak, naked and lacking in wildlife, but the fresh air felt amazing.

The girls brought their sketch pads,

and I brought my woefully, sad knitting project.

This rather plain object is a cozy for my water bottle.  I drink hot water throughout the day and metal gets too hot to handle.  This should also keep the water hot longer.

A2 has been flying through her art assignments and has almost completed the first segment of classes.  Soon they will allow her to begin using color.


A3 had her first, and last band concert.  We decided that band was just one of too many stimuli for her to handle.  She has an amazing teacher who backed us up to get her out of the class. Usually students aren’t allowed to quit until the year is out. She designed an alternative schedule which will allow A3 several quiet hours during the week.  A3 plays the piano at home, so she’ll still have plenty of exposure to music.

A1 is almost done cheering for the year.  The boys basketball team at her high school has a play-off game this Friday and then they’re done.  She’s currently studying for her driver’s permit (if you aren’t currently enrolled in driver’s ed then our state requires that you pass a written exam first) and she’s also practicing for a Running Start test. 

Some days my DH and only see each other for a few sporadic minutes in passing.  My mom says this is typical when in the midst of Kid Farming.  The kitties are all doing fine and Steven has been staying out of mischief… mostly.   Cheers!




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4 responses to “Hello!

  1. Karen O

    Glad to hear everyone is getting along OK. It’s nice to hear updates from you. The beverage cozy looks awesome! Love to all, K

  2. MOM

    Wow Autumn’s panda bears are really good…did she do them in pastels?

    They all look like they are staying busy…..MOM

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Thanks! It’s good to hear from you. Busy lady! Who are those young women in the pictures? What happened to your babies??????

  4. Roxie Matthews

    Looks like the rains have come again, but oh what sunrises we had for a while there!

    The girls totally rock. Those pandas are awesome, and band practice is a lot of confusion and trauma for everyone concerned.She’s well out of it. As for driving lessons, I think she should have an armored personnel carrier and have to pay for her own gas. That will save you a LOT of worries.

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