One of the things a really love about my job is that I still get to pass out Valentine’s Day cards.


Another thing I love is having tea parties with my girls.  This month we had an Asian theme. 


 mandarin orange tea, steamed rice, California Rolls, fresh fruit and vegetables, miso soup and chocolate covered fortune cookies


Thing I love the third… bright colors. Nothing chases away the Winter Doldrums like retina-searing yarn combinations!

 unfinished golf club covers for Marta’s birthday, which is approaching faster than I am knitting

Valentine’s Day itself doesn’t get much recognition in our home, but the girls will all get some sweets from us.  We’ve nothing against the holiday, but I’d much rather have a nice load of compost or fertilizer for my garden than a box of chocolates. Live plants make me much happier than cut flowers.  And since it’s the wrong time of year to spread poop or plant things there isn’t much point in my DH buying me a present.  About the only Valentine’s greeting he’d enjoy would be one that could be delivered to his World of Warcraft character during one of his raids.  Egads, we’re boring!  I do love him and the rest of my family though.  I can’t wait to pass out the Valentine’s cards tomorrow. Cheers!



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  1. My daughter is now working as classroom assistant [in a precisious lille private kindergarten] she had a much more English sceptical reaction to every kid receiving a valentines day card, but she did then enjoy the cards and chocs the kids gave her, so she was won over.

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