The Signs All Point To…

SPRING! Regardless of what the calendar claims, the season is hard upon us in our part of the country.  Photographic evidence support my claims.

Exhibit A: A completed winter knitting project!  AND I can now state that only one Christmas 2011 gift remains unfinished!  Notice that these golf club covers are  perched among the buds on our Japanese maple.

Exhbits B and C: My crocus are in full bloom. If you peer into the floral depths you’ll notice a wee little ant.  Every year, when the ground warms up,  we’re lousy with the annoying critters.  

Exhibit D: new shoes. My dainty young ladies usually wear out their school shoes well before the year ends and require a second shodding.


Exhibit E: The garlic that I planted last fall is up. This garlic is descended from my late Grammie Helen’s garden.

Exhibit F: Co-workers (and me too) are showing signs of duress and have resorted to random silliness as a coping strategy.  By June we’ll all be complete lunatics again.

 Each evening we’re now serenaded by the croaking of hundreds of frogs and I’m shuttling kids to and from different activities than I was two weeks ago.  So, regardless of what that know-it-all groundhog predicted, spring has indeed sprung!



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2 responses to “The Signs All Point To…

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    It’s so good to read a post. FB is fine, but not really newsy. You are ahead of us, but not by much. We still don’t have the spring peepers (tree frogs) and usually we hear them by now. My daffodils are out along with the crocus’ and that’s not usual either, but whatever. And, facial hair is an interesting coping mechanism, or was it just the silliness:-P

  2. Roxie Matthews

    The golf club covers came out magnificently! Soooo clever and bright. Bravo!

    Love the Hello Kitty shoes.

    We also have little black ants. That’s their actual common name, and the Orkin Pest control people know exactly what you mean when you mention them. They get into everything and taste quite angry when you bite them.

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