Knittius Interruptus

March is lousy with birthdays in our circle of family and friends.  Of course plans to knit spectacular, elaborate gifts for each and every person celebrating haunt my every waking, and sometimes sleeping, hour.  Unfortunately, planning and pondering isn’t the same as doing. Then, in addition to the birthdays, a very special friend and co-worker is also having a baby shower, so intentions of creating an entire layette also bounce around my chaotic skull in a cerebral vortex of tangled wool. Why is it that time and reality never factor into knitting plans? 

Reality here consists of loud, mornings trying to rouse children out of bed, finding matching clothes and getting everyone to school and work on time.  Evenings are usurped by various activities, meetings and last-minute trips to purchase shoes for a concert that is the next night, or to buy a poster board for a project due the following day. 

A1’s concert (she’s second from the left in the middle row), wearing shoes purchased the night before (not visible)


In an unprecedented moment of clarity, I  realized that the knitting wasn’t really going to happen, so I bought presents for almost all of the upcoming festivities.  The result is a mixture of both relief and guilt.   New plans include finishing a vest for my sister, and if there is time, making some little blue booties to accompany the unpersonal, purchased baby gift.  Steven challenges this new, lighter schedule at every opportunity.  He just likes to keep things exciting.

Another resignation on my part was the decision to completely ignore St. Patrick’s Day decorating and skip directly to Easter.  Each holiday resides in a separate bin in the attic above the garage, so it’s easy to find, but I detest climbing up and down the ladder while hefting ungainly boxes of celebratory fodder.  Prior to each and every descent, visions of slipping and breaking my neck as I land in an undignified lump on the concrete below come to mind.  I’m not feeling terribly guilty about this particular slight though, we aren’t even Irish.

Easter Bunny tea set given to me by my late MIL, assorted bone china cups and saucers that belonged to my grandmothers and great-grandmother.  Eclectic, but springy.

This afternoon a friend and co-worker of my DH’s is bringing over his step-daughter so I can teach her how to knit. I’m hoping she isn’t hounded too terribly by my own, boisterous offspring. And if she takes to knitting on her own quickly, then I’ll extricate Steven from my sister’s birthday present and add a few rows to it.   Cheers!



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5 responses to “Knittius Interruptus

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I subscribe to the “celebrate any holiday you darned well please” policy. You have a growing family that is active. There will be time enough to knit and you will the chaos. Really.

  2. Love your bunny set! Steve looks so comfy – I don’t know if he’ll let oyu move him.

  3. Roxie Matthews

    Steve is just sharing the shed of approval. And what a contented boy he looks.

    The tea set is charming! Makes me feel hoppy just looking at it.

    Aside from the fact that I’m thirty years older than you are, I wish you could be my mom. Your girls have NO IDEA how damn good they have it!

    Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in true Irish fashion. Ignore it. Americans make much bigger deal of it than the Irish do.

  4. Gillian redumbrella

    Tea tastes so much better out of lovely china cups. I hope they get used soon and don’t have to wait till Easter.
    Cheers Gillian

  5. Oh my! I think you should take advantage of those beautiful tea cups. Sit. Fill. Drink. Relax. Repeat as needed. I see Steve has the right idea. Have a great week!

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