Mountains and Tigers and Zombies, Oh My!

Howdy!  Over the past few weeks my adventurous family has climbed mountains, been attacked by tigers, survived a zombie apocalypse and helped a friend celebrate her 100th birthday. 

Jeez, what a bunch of skeptics.   Rather than waste your precious time with a rambling diatribe of these events, I’ll just show you.

First, the mountain climbing:

Next, the tiger attack, WARNING: Video contains graphic material which may not be suitable for younger or more sensitive viewers.

I do not have photographic evidence or video of the zombie apocalypse.  Seriously, I was driving like a mad woman just to get away from the brain-hungry, putrid corpses and taking a picture was not an option.  If you’d like to witness mobile corpses at their finest, or worst, simply try driving through Seattle on I-5 during rush hour.  It’s been years since I’ve driven up north, and I forgotten just how nerve-wracking the experience is. 

Okay, so maybe the 100th birthday celebration was a slight exaggeration.  But my dear friend, Karen, did mark a momentous celestial event with a “Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” party.  I forgot my towel and paper bag, but her DH supplied Babel Fish and one of her friends made this delightful cake.

Her party was why I risked life, limb and brain in a grueling journey.  She’s been loading up her brood and making the trek to our home for years, and the reciprocal visit was long over due.  The party was fun, but I noticed that none of the guests slurped down the lime Jello made with Everclear.  The intoxicating, gastronomic treat would never have survived had the crowd been 20 years younger. 

I sort of finished my sister’s birthday vest.  She received it, proceeded to cry because she was so “touched” (either that, or she really hated it and was disappointed) and then after a quick try-on for fitting the vest was returned to my knitting bag.  The lace trim is not even and it’s been removed to be re-knitted properly.

More appalling than the lacy points not matching up was watching her try this on and seeing the darned thing wrap around her from armpit to armpit.  I couldn’t even close the front properly when I tried it on.  We used to be much closer to the same size.  Seeing  that skeletal display made me realize that 1. she needs to gain weight, and 2. I could stand to lose some.

Work has been sporadic due to circumstances beyond my control, so I cast on a scarf to work on after signing out, but while I’m still waiting for my girls to get out of school.

Next week is spring break. The first part of the week we’re staying home, but we’re attending an Anime’ convention over the weekend.  My oldest daughter, and two of her friends, record a podcast called, “Otaku Talk” and they are hosting a panel there on Saturday.  I don’t know if they’ll actually record that day or not though. Hopefully my DH will drive through the zombie-infested by-ways whilst I knit in a semi-catatonic, tranquilized stupor (Dramamine makes me sleepy).




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5 responses to “Mountains and Tigers and Zombies, Oh My!

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Holy cow, girl! You have been busybusybusy!!! You sound good and your sister’s vest is beautiful. Truly beautiful!

  2. Roxie Matthews

    The tiger attack was fabulous! That’ll teach the boy to try slicking his hair down with lard.

    The birthday cake totally rocks. Way to celebrate.

    And the vest is stunning. What an awesome, loving, generous woman you are. Especially since you are REKNITTING the lace. Greater love hath no knitter!

  3. The lace vest is beautiful – what pattern is that?

  4. Karen O

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for your visit! I was very grateful for your last-minute cleaning assistance (it would have taken me hours to get done what you did in mere minutes…how do you do that?!) and I’m so glad we could sit and have a cuppa again. I sure miss our teatime visits. 🙂

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