Spring Break, Part 1, Sans Knitting

We’re in the midst of Spring Break.  Rather than spend our time in some cliché place, like Hawaii, Mexico, Disneyland or Nebraska, we chose to be original and stay in western Washington. Yes, that was sarcasm.  Am I the only person who believes that a “Sarcasm” font would alleviate many misunderstandings?  Alas, I digress. For the first portion of our break we (the royal “we”) have been shopping, sewing and otherwise attempting to assemble costumes for the second portion of our spring break. The latter of which will be spent in Seattle at Sakura Con.  Anybody who has ever been to an Anime’ convention knows that costumes are the most important part… or so my girls keep telling me. So far we officially have:

Haruka from Uta No Prince Sama

Maka Albarn from Soul Eater

Soul Evans from Soul Eater


They’ve collected these costumes over the duration of the past 9 months and finishing touches (boots, scarves, etc.) have been recently found at thrift stores and decorated with duct tape and other findings.  The girls will bring other, non-character-specific costumes as well.  Among those packed there is our homemade rendition of Napoleon (Bonaparte, not Dynamite) that A3 wore for a school presentation.  It kind of resembles something from the Chibi version of Hetalia.

One of the Sakura Con events is a masquerade ball.  Of course they all wanted elaborate ball gowns, masks, etc., but ordering costumes was ridiculously expensive.  Following much perusing of local stores, we found a children’s store that had masquerade masks and they were even marked 50% off!

We have several semi-formal dresses and two long formals at our home, one of which is too big for the girls.  A local alterations shop quoted us $70.00 to take in the larger dress because the alterations would have been so drastic.  I can’t sew my way out of a paper bag, so fixing it at home was beyond my abilities. We discussed making dresses, but there again, my lack of sewing skills and fabric costs nipped that idea in the bud.  We’d pretty much given up the notion of ball gowns when we chanced upon a thrift store gold mine.  They had wedding gowns for $15.00 each! 

A1’s will need a button and loop to bustle the train, other than that it fits her perfectly.

A2’s dress only needs a slight hemming.


And A3’s gown will need two, small darts put into the bodice.  It has an adorable little matching jacket too. 

So, other than these minor alterations and applying a patch to the back of a jacket, I should be able to pack up the beastly sewing machine today and move on to catching up on neglected housework.  I’ve been sorting bins full of photographs, cards and old school work.  Every single scrap of artwork, school assignments, etc. have been saved since my girls started pre-school.  We have bins in the attic stacked up to the rafters that need sorting and purging.   Cheers!


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One response to “Spring Break, Part 1, Sans Knitting

  1. Roxie Matthews

    Does Dad get a little watery-eyed, seeing his darling girls in wedding dresses? They are SO beautiful!

    You are Mom of the Year! Not only are you taking them to this convention, you are making costumes as well. You totally rock!

    When I did theatre costuming, we would sometimes use spray paint to change the look of a dress or accessory. It stiffens the fabric, and can do exciting things to the colors. And now it comes metallic and glittery and heaven knows what else. Now I wish I had a costume ball to attend as well.

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