Spring Break, Part Two, With Some Knitting

We survived Sakura Con 2012!  That means we endured 5+ hours of registration lines, 20,000 attendees, Seattle traffic and managed to return home with all of our children intact.  I admit that, for that many people all coming together in one place, the experience wasn’t all that bad.  I’ve never seen so many happy and friendly young people in one place.  It was a butt kicker for us older folks, but the girls have talked about it non-stop and we know they’ll remember this experience forever (or until they want something else).

I didn’t see any of our brood in this video, but it shows some of the great costumes and sums up the weekend nicely.



A1, a green guy, Friend S2

 Back row: Friend S2, three characters from Sergeant Frog, Friend S1, Front row: A1. Night of the Masquerade Ball (I don’t think the frogs attended this event)

 A2 as Soul Eater Evans and her friend, Black Star at a Glomp circle

A3 as Maka Albarn and A2 as her scythe, Soul Eater Evans

 Friend B, Friend S1 and A1 recording Otaku Talk

Fingerless mitts made from left-over yarn

A sock, slated to be frogged back to the leg portion

embryonic ruffled scarf knitted on needles the size of small logs.

That’s pretty much sums up our Spring Break.  We’re back to school and work and I brought back a raging case of the crud as a souvenir. Cheers!



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3 responses to “Spring Break, Part Two, With Some Knitting

  1. Roxie Matthews

    Whew! Back to reality! I just fell into those videos for about an hour. Holy crow those kids are having fun! Where do they get those awesome costumes, wigs, prosthetics? It looks like some folks go from con to con.

    the knitting is cool. Is the ruffle scarf as much of a pain to knit as I think, or is it being fun?

  2. What a lovely gift for your girls. You are a wonderful Mom!! And, knitting? I’m impressed, girl.

  3. Other than the crud – sounds like fun!

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