Wonderful, Amazing and Pretty Darned Good!

In spite of my incessant complaints about not enough time in the day, constantly being broke because of my children and general grumblings about my M.S., I must admit that life is most excellent.  Especially when served with heaping helping of silliness and joy. Sometimes just seeing others’ glee is an excellent reminder to enjoy random moments.

 Two nights ago my charming and talented trio of daughters treated the neighborhood to a back yard concert.  Why yes, A3 IS playing the recorder using only her right nostril.  They make me so very proud.

My former student joyfully accepted his new, orange hat.  He was so enamored with it that he kept trying to sneak it on throughout the school day, which is against the rules.  By far, the highlight of my day yesterday was when his current aide walked him over and he presented me with this thank you note (names blocked for privacy). This has been added to my box of treasures. 

His mama sent me this photo she’d taken from her phone.  What a gleeful smile!

Several years ago I had started a pair of toe-up socks for a co-worker.  Me, being me, I never documented how I’d turned the heel or cast off for the first sock, so making a matching second sock has proven quite challenging.  After 6 or 7 tries I created a reasonable facsimile of the first heel. 

Last night I totally failed at duplicating the picot bind-off though. And wool, being wool, those darned fibers locked together and ripped out about 1/2 inch or more of the other sock stitches when I tried frogging it.  But alas, today it shall be finished and another UFO will be gone from my WIP bin. And if I can’t duplicate the picot edge exactly, then I’ll just make the left sock (random foot assignment) as ruffly and obnoxiously wide as possible. 

Don’t forget to add levity and silliness to own your day. Your happiness might make someone else’s day one to cherish and remember. Cheers!



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5 responses to “Wonderful, Amazing and Pretty Darned Good!

  1. Karen O

    What a fine concert you were treated to! A3 sure has a nose for music. A1 has moves that only a hillbilly cheerleader could master! Life is good. Love to all!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Adorable! Thanks. Love the orange hat. Hugs, kiddle!

  3. Roxie Matthews

    Sitting in a Starbucks in Honolulu, LMAO at the antic of your darlings. Nose recorder, mad violin and blue-grass ukelele – what a band. What are they going to call themselves? I would pay money to see this.

    The orange hat is perfect. Unbounded happiness is a treasure to give as well as to receive.

  4. When is Mrs Sarcasm coming back?

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