On A Windy, Monday Afternoon…

Sadly, most of our cherry blossoms are now on the lawn.  Each time the wind picks up, little pink swirls of petals dance across the yard.  There are petals stuck to the sides of our house, windows and on the roof. They’ve even worked their way into the nooks and crannies of my van.  I wish that they’d last longer.  On the tree.  Not in my car’s ventilation system.

I’m making baby booties to be auctioned off for a cheerleading fundraiser.  They’re  in our local high school’s colors, and they’re itty bitty things that would never have fit on any of my own children’s feet. They’d be perfect for smaller babies or premies though.  Those are size 000 needles,  (which is why the poor, spindly things are so bent up), and the yarn is from my coveted stash of Cabin Cove Mercantile yarn (hand dyed by Dave). 

 If there is enough left-over yarn in these colors, then I’ll make a matching hat to go with them.  Including the ties, there are 2, 751 stitches per booty.  A small part of me wants to include that information on a card to place with them on the auction table.  I don’t mean to sound petty, but should these close in the $5.00 or less range then I might have my feelings hurt just a little.  I know several friends who have had their handmade items sell for ridiculously small prices at charity fundraisers (Karen’s quilts). 

A1’s musical ended this weekend.  The students all had a fabulous time and the performances got better each time.  I never did take any pictures of the ginormous tentacles we were tasked with making several weekends back.  Here are a friend and A1 dressed as inter-galactic flight attendants.

And here she is demonstrating the Polarity Reversal Drill.   The life-preserver is in case of an emergency water landing.  All of the female characters had really big hair throughout the play and there were lots of references made to Star Trek and early sci-fi movies.  It was very campy, very fun and there was a lot of audience participation.


A3 auditioned this morning for her school’s talent show, but they’ve not had news back regarding who made it in. 

A2 starts working in color this week at her art school.  Students there spend many months using only black and white, so it’s a big deal when they finally get to start using pastels.  She’s a long ways off from using paints though.

A1 is going to the Junior/Senior prom this Saturday and A3 is going to the Daddy-Daughter Masquerade Ball at her school.  A2 and I will have a date night involving lots of chocolate. I need to make sure that everyone’s dresses, shoes, etc. are clean, dry and serviceable for the occasions.

Not much else to report, other than people at work keep talking about fishing, so now I really want to go drown some worms. Cheers!




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3 responses to “On A Windy, Monday Afternoon…

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    You are so busy! Love the pics. Sounds like it was fun and A1 is such a lovely girl. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for A3 and A2 has some real talent. I hope she just keeps on going with it. That bootie is adorable!!!!

  2. Karen O

    An appreciative scoff and nod for the handmade-arts-selling-for-pennies. Until the auction committee chairs can guarantee that my pieces will have a minimum bid attached to it, I’m not donating anything I make. I had an idea to make one thing for auction, but I think I’ll have to get cheap squeaky yarn for the occasion, as it will be a decorative piece, not a wearable item. The play sounds like amazing fun–wish I had seen it! Have fun on your chocolate date!

  3. Gillian redumbrella

    Wonderful little booties. Handmade is so rarely appreciated by people who don’t handmake. Perhaps they think that we just do it without thinking while the kettle is boiling!
    I couldn’t cope without colour in my art. A3 is showing fine restraint and I hope she celebrates the colour with a daring display.
    Most of our blossom is still on the trees but a windy weekend will shift it.
    Cheers Gillian

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