Mundane Stuff

This might be the first time ever that I’ve not looked forward to the end of a school year; as a result, it’s flying by at lightning speed, and there are about a billion and one things to do each day.  Speaking of lightning, we’ve experienced some wild weather this past week.  Days have been muggy and in the evenings storm clouds roll in and treat us to thunder and lightning in the Cascade foothills.  This was our sky on Friday evening.

this picture was taken by a friend

All of the extra nitrogen in the air has turned everything a vibrant, almost surreal shade of green and our lawn is now a jungle.  

We’ve not had lots of time to enjoy the scenery lately, but we did break away for a few hours on Memorial Day to have lunch in a local park.  The Girls entertained themselves by throwing rocks in the river.  My DH tossed a few stones as well.

I sat and knitted, while imagining myself fishing.


My eldest daughter had her first job.  She cut up and passed out apple and pear samples at the Vancouver Farmer’s Market several weekends back.   It wasn’t a permanent job, but she’s hoping to be called back over the summer. 

While she tempted shoppers I meandered through the stalls.  It isn’t a very big venue and there was only one fiber booth present. They were alpaca vendors from a nearby farm in Woodland.  There are lots more llama farms than sheep farms in this area for some reason. Their displays were charming.

I bought a bump of roving in blended, natural colors and some DK weight yarn in an alpaca/merino (80% to 20%) mix in a lovely shade of lavender.

This handsome fellow is Boris.  A2 designed Boris and then sewed him by hand for her art class. He is a bunny/feline hybrid.


In addition to Boris, A2 also made a Ninja doll for her friend, Devin.  Devin is quite a dynamic character.  He visited us over the weekend to pick up his new companion and we were all entertained by his charm and wit.

That white-hot mess next to chibi-Ninja was my fifth and final attempt to create a pair of Nebraska Cornhusker’s socks using Intarsia.  After being ripped from the needles, this ugly arse swatch was tossed in a corner under the living room table, where it still resides unless one of the kitties has dragged it out to gnaw on.  I will still make Cornhuskers socks for my friend, but the “N” will be a raised motif, rather than colorwork.

The booties I knitted for the fundraising auction (spoken of long ago in my last post) sold! So did the ruffled scarf. 

I was surprised when my girls got all miffed about the scarf.  Apparently they all had placed dibs on it for Christmas.  Another skein of netted torture , I mean yarn, in the exact colorway was purchased and the replacement scarf is about half-way finished.

The kitties are up to their usual shenanigans.  Their favorite place for refreshment is from the fish bowl.

A nasty gang of evil raccoons is back in the neighborhood, so we have to perform a careful kitty check each night. 

Rumors of a possible stint working at summer school are still just rumors.  Every little bit helps though, so I’ve crossed my eyes and hope that it comes to fruition.  

We had a bit of a reality check this last month.  Firstly, my necessary shots have unexplainably jumped up in price.  They are now almost $3,800 per month. Thank heavens for insurance, or I wouldn’t be walking. 

Secondly, we are normal (mostly) and honest people.   Exposure to a few other families’ realities made us aware that compared to some, we are like the Cleavers.  Even with my potty-mouthed driving and inability to keep folded laundry in my children’s drawers.  The second part of that opening statement comes after weeks of hopeful waiting. Sadly, my husband’s wedding ring that was left in the boys bathroom at the Daddy Daughter Dance earlier this month was not returned.   I asked my DH if it could have possibly been knocked into the garbage can, but he said that the sink was on a completely different wall than the garbage cans, so that would have been virtually impossible.  I spread the word and posted signs at work, but nobody brought it in.  He was much more positive about the ordeal than I was though.  His response was, “Maybe someone whose family was in real need found it and it made a big difference in their lives.”  I knew there was  a reason that I married him!

Thirdly, we have a terrible ant problem.  They’re the little ones known as “sugar ants”, “moisture ants”, or “concrete ants”.  Regardless of their name, they suck.  All food is kept in sealed containers, yet the little buggers still find their way into everything.  I do not like ants. At least they don’t eat yarn.  



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5 responses to “Mundane Stuff

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    That sky is gorgeous! Your DH is a gem. I love that your girls want that scarf. It is cute! Duplicate stitch is the way to go on those darned Nebraska socks;-P Boris is adorable. Did she design him too? Raccoons are horrible, aren’t they? And, it seems some kitties believe themselves tougher than the raccoons which can prove to be fatal. You’re smart. And, ants hate basil. I take leaves of my basil plant and place them around the windows and doors. Safe for kitties and kiddles (and, us!), but the ants hatehatehate it. Hugs, girlie!.

  2. Thank you Cindy. I’ve reached the point of ant saturation that I’m ready to use Napalm on my kitchen. Yes, Autumn did design Boris. She ended up designing critters for a lot of her classmates with the same assignment, which was to create their own versions of an Ugly Doll.

  3. We have those ants in the bathroom! Hate them!

    Boris looks awesome and Steve is one sneaky cat!

  4. Karen O

    Fun stuff! I hope we can come visit this summer and maybe we can let the girls camp out in the back yard. I’ll be sure that we bring our anti-raccoon weaponry. Hope you find an ant solution soon. Hugs to all–K

  5. Roxie Matthews

    We finally had to call in Orkin to use toxic chemicals to fight those damn sugar ants. Toxic chemicals worked!

    Love Boris! Love Steve at the drinking fountain. The Cornhusker socks could have duplicate stitch initials. Knit them solid, then add the letters later.

    Bummer about the ring. Well, at least you know what to get him for Christmas.

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