Eight Days

 Only eight school days, two field trips, a choir concert and one talent show until we bid adieu to the 2011/2012 school year.

My DH spent the past weekend at drill and the older girls were busy with school projects/socializing, so A3 and I had some quiet time.  I finished some knitting projects.  The booties were actually completed some time back, but I never got around to taking pictures of them.  I love bright colors for babies!  These are destined for a couple who play World of Warcraft with my husband.

Here is a replacement of the burgundy and purple scarf (first one donated), along with a green ruffled version.


A2 had recent cut and color change for her hair.  She reminds me of Tinkerbell now!

Steven has been exceptionally cuddly lately.  He just can’t wait for someone to lay down so he can trap their legs under the blankets.

I experimented with a gluten-free apple pie for my DH. The filling was  a tad too sweet, but the crust didn’t taste any worse than other store-bought crusts.  Unfortunately, there was soy in this crust, so I couldn’t bring any to my friend/co-worker to try. She was hit with the double whammy of no wheat or soy.  That’s a hard combination to accommodate.

A1 made the Varsity Cheer Team at our school for the second year in a row.  She’s happy and relieved. The competition was pretty intense. To blow off stress, she and another girl (also on the team) transformed our dining room table into a bow factory the other night. Some of these were ridiculously huge.

To get an idea of scale, here are the two of them wearing the larger bows.  I’m really not sure why the friend is wearing a banana suit.  The pair of them walked up to her house to pick up clothing Saturday evening, and this is how they returned.  Some people driving by them stopped to take pictures.  It isn’t often that fruit dances down the sidewalks where we live.

A3 is almost as tall as her sisters and me now.  I’m glad the school year is almost over because she’s outgrown most of her clothes and shoes.  A3 has memorized her piano song for the talent show, but she keeps changing things up.  I can’t convince her to pick one version and just practice that so she won’t panic and get confused during the performance. 

I hope to finish up the green socks started last weekend and to make a pair of Cornhusker socks (or maybe mittens, they’re faster) this week between performances.  Cheers!




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6 responses to “Eight Days

  1. Roxie Matthews

    The booties are totes adorbs! And you have staged them just like a Vogue Magazine shot. Wayyy cool!

    May I come over and cuddle with Steven? He just looks so – – so cuddly! That pink tongue and that sweet face and that contented look . . . How can you resist him?

    The haircut rocks! Sort of a modified Soul- Eater.

    Best of luck to A3 on that piano recital.I hope she just coasts right through it!

    Are bows the latest accessory? i love the giant ones! What creative women you are raising!

  2. I think the question is – why NOT where a banana suit?

  3. I nearly have a new puppy!
    Do you have a Facebook page, possibly not, no time ?

  4. Karen O

    What? You’ve never heard of the Banana Sketch?!

  5. What is your recipe for the GF pie crust? Both my husband and I can no longer eat wheat, but soy seems to be no problem for us.

    Steven is such a handsome boy!

    And yes, she does look like Tinkerbell.

    • Benita, I purchased the pie crust ready-made at a local store we have that sells nothing except gluten-free products. I can’t remember the brand though :(.

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