“F” Words!

Friendly felicitations!

Firstly, Happy Father’s day to my dad, grandpa, DH and all of the other rockin’ dads out there! Sorry we couldn’t make it out today to see everyone, but hopefully we can go visiting soon… consider yourselves warned!

Finished! We’ve survived another school year with three children and a few shreds of remaining sanity still intact.  I also finished knitting another pair of plain socks.


Family fotos (please just go with the “f” theme and don’t question my spelling).  I’m not exaggerating when I say that there are several thousand photographs packed away in storage bins, stuck in old albums and strewn in random drawers and shoe boxes around our house.  Many of those pictures belonged to my late in-laws. Sadly, the majority of their pictures were not labeled, so we don’t know who everyone is or where and when they were taken.   One of my long-term goals is to document as many photographs as possible, label them, then store them securely.  I’m not into scrapbooking because it’s expensive, time-consuming and completely impractical at this point.  I just want the information written or typed next to the pictures so that 20 years from now someone doesn’t have to ask, “Who was this and why was she always knitting?”   Another goal for our pictures is that I want them saved and accessible to other family members.  That being said, I’ve begun the arduous task of photographing the pictures themselves.  This may be a recipe for insanity. Here are a couple of old ones from my childhood.  Yes, my mouth was always open, even back then.

my sister, Jackie, me, and my brother, David, on her lap, taken in Tokeland, WA 1970


my cousin, Lisa, and I in Everett, WA  1974

Friends.  A friend and co-worker of my DH is moving to Idaho this week.  Another friend had a bbq at his home down in Liberty, OR to say goodbye, so yesterday, after A1 got off work, we loaded up the troops and drove down.   Gone are the days of car seats, Cheerios, sippy-cups and Disney movies for entertainment.  This is what our road trips look like now.

I failed at taking lots of pictures, but a few were snapped (mostly by A3) of the more “important” happenings.  Our host (the ever-patient Dustin) has three furry, friendly kids who engrossed our three kids to no end.




When not gorging or visiting I fondled fiber,  by adding a few rows to the Cornhusker mittens and spinning some alpaca. 

My poor little drop spindle just isn’t quite the whirling dervish that it used to be since I broke it, but it still spins circles around the other spindles I’ve tried.  These folks are truly master craftsmen! Hope everyone enjoyed a fabulous, fun few days!



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  1. Roxie Matthews

    Yay for the photo project! Break it into little pieces and it will get done easier. The journey of a thousand miles, you know . .. gotta take that first step.

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